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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Firm Ground Review

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review

The main attraction of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom is the upper, giving the boot a true “second skin” feel. Upon holding the shoe in your hands for the first time, you’ll notice the strange texturing, softness and flexibility of the upper. This unique material is called “NikeSkin” and it is constructed from two main elements that are fused together. The first element of NikeSkin is made up of a thin, micro-mesh webbing, stitched in a honeycomb-like pattern, while the second element is made up from several thin, membrane-like layers of polyurethane. This material not only gives the boot a unique look, but also an incredible feel. When it comes to comfort, the NikeSkin upper offers fantastic flexibility and softness, giving the boot a sock-like feel. Since the upper is so thin, it moves very naturally with the bend of your foot, with very minimal creasing. Most thin synthetic boots, like Nike’s own Mercurial Vapor 9, tend to have a very tight, almost restrictive feel, but the Phantom is different in that it has that tight fit, with a more natural feel, similar to what you might find from a leather boot.

The entire upper, including the tongue, is crafted from NikeSkin synthetic, giving the boot a very uniform feel across the entire foot. The lacing system is perhaps the closest comparative feature that has made its way onto the Hypervenom line coming from the previous T90 model, with the laces being pushed to the lateral side of the boot. The lacing system itself is relatively shallow, not allowing you to tighten most of the forefoot area of the boot. Normally this would be an issue, but this particular lacing setup is designed to work in junction with the new X1.1 last, as well as the shape of the upper. When you pull the laces tight, you’ll find that the mid-foot area of the boot hugs both the lateral and medial sides of your foot quite snugly, while the slightly narrow cut of the toe box area helps to secure the front of the foot.

Other comfort elements of the boot include a low-cut heel, lined in synthetic leather, similar to what you’ll find on the Mercurial Vapor 9. The removable insole is relatively low profile, with a mesh top-liner and perforations throughout, providing some decent step-in comfort. The glass nylon soleplate provides plenty of rigidity, eliminating any kind of possible stud pressure. I did find the soleplate to be a little stiff from right out of the box, but after an hour or so of wear-time, it will feel a lot more flexible, while still maintaining a nice responsive feel.

The X1.1 last is supposedly designed to “enhance” agility by mirroring the natural curves of the foot. The shape is actually very similar to the Mercurial series, which is not a bad thing, but with a little more width through the mid-foot and forefoot areas of the boot. From right out of the box, you’ll notice that the boot has a very tight fit, but give it an hour or two of break-in time, and the NikeSkin upper will stretch and form to your feet really nicely. I wasn’t expecting the upper to stretch as much as did, especially considering that it is a synthetic, but the thin NikeSkin upper has the amazing ability to form to your feet to create that second skin feel. After some break-in time, the Hypervenom Phantom will suit most foot types, given that you don’t have excessively wide feet. The shape of the boot in combination with the NikeSkin synthetic upper makes for what is, in my opinion, the most comfortable thin synthetic boots currently on the market.

Sizing is pretty straight forward with the Hypervenom Phantom, as it is with most Nike models. I wore my usual size 9US for review, and the fit in the length was absolutely perfect. So, if you’re looking to order a pair for yourself, I would strongly recommend going true to size for the best possible fit.


The Hypervenom Phantom weighs in at an impressive 7.2oz, which shouldn’t be much of surprise considering the low-profile design of the boot. The tight fitting nature of the boot in combination with how comfortable it feels, makes for an experience where you might even forget that you’re wearing anything on your feet at all. If you’re looking for that lightweight feel, than the Phantoms will provide that for you.


The stud pattern featured on the Hypervenom is geared towards agility, and I can confirm that it really does perform well. Upon comparing the stud pattern to other Nike models, you’ll notice some similarities on the Hypervenom stud pattern to that of the Mercurial Vapor 9. The five main studs featured on the FG stud pattern on the Vapor 9, can also be found in the same spots on the Hypervenom, but in the form of conical studs as opposed to the blades. The layout features three conical studs on both the lateral and medial sides of the forefoot, with one bladed stud at the tip of the toe and one support stud in the middle, while the heel features four conical studs, two on each side.

The thin profile of the conical studs, allows for plenty of ground penetration with every cut, while the conical shape makes for plenty of freedom to twist and pivot when planted. The studs are positioned in all of the main push-off points at the base of the forefoot and toe area, providing optimal traction no matter which direction that you cut. On firm, natural grass playing surfaces, I had no issues at all with slippage. One of my personal favorite elements of the stud pattern is the single bladed stud positioned on an angle at the tip of the toe. It gives you that little bit of extra grip when pushing off, which makes all the difference when making that first step.

The split toe design of the soleplate is one of the new technologies brought forward by the Hypervenom Phantom. The split design is supposed to allow for more articulated flexibility on the forefoot area of the boot, in order to make for a more natural feel, but in all honesty, I didn’t really notice any difference in feel at all. The split is not as dramatic as you might expect, as I couldn’t feel any extra flexibility in the soleplate either in-hand or on feet. With that being said, it doesn’t hurt the feel of the boot, it’s just a feature that doesn’t make as big of an impact as you might expect.

The Hypervenom stud pattern is definitely a winner. The layout is great, and I personally love the feel of the conical studs. It offers the best of both worlds when it comes to conical and bladed stud patterns, and is one of my new personal favorites when it comes to traction and responsiveness.


The Phantom provides a very unique feel for the ball. It has the qualities of a thin synthetic as well as some of the natural padding that you might get from leather. With that being said, NikeSkin by no means feels like leather. The PU membrane itself is extremely thin, but due to the bulk of the micro-mesh webbing, you not only get a textured finish, but also a slightly cushioned feel. It’s difficult to compare the feel to other boots, mainly because there really isn’t anything like it. The tight fit and flexibility of the upper gives the boot a very natural feel, almost as if the upper is an extension of your foot. The key take away is that NikeSkin is very thin, but still feels very soft.

The upper also features a unique finish, which gives the boot a slightly grippy feel on the ball. This “X-Ray” texturing gives the upper a somewhat waxy feel to the touch. Unlike many grip elements, the X-Ray texturing doesn’t give the boot a sticky feel on the ball, but instead provides something more along the lines of what I would call a “soft touch” style of grip, if that makes sense. It will feel a little weird at first, but after 20 minutes or so, you’ll get used to it, and if you’re anything like me, come to love the feel.

Just like the other top-end models from Nike, the Hypervenom Phantom also includes ACC (All Conditions Control) technology. Think of it as a “wet weather” control element, allowing for the best possible touch on the ball in all types of playing conditions. Basically, it doesn’t allow water to sit on the outside layer of the upper, so you won’t have as slick of a touch on the ball when playing in the wet. ACC itself, is not actually a coating either, but is actually something that is permeated to the upper itself. The process by Nike is pretty secretive, but we do know that ACC is actually in the makeup of the Teijin Synthetic upper, rather than being a coating that could wear away.

So, does it work? The answer to that is not exactly straight forward, because it does what it is supposed to do, but at the end of the day, control is down to the player and not the shoe. When playing in wet weather, I noticed that the outside of the upper remains much less slick with ACC, in comparison to a non-ACC shoe. The ball doesn’t feel as slick against your foot when playing in wet weather, but again, the difference is not as significant as you might think. I would still argue that thin, synthetic boots are the most difficult to use when playing in the wet, as opposed to using a shoe with a more cushioned feel to the upper. With that being said, I would rather have ACC on my shoe than not have it. I like ACC for the simple fact that it has the ability to disappear when its not activated. Many has concerns about the NikeSkin synthetic not being water resistant, and after testing the boots out in wet playing conditions, I can tell you that the upper of the Phantom is just as water resistant as any other synthetic boot.


Being that the Hypervenom line is replacing the T90 line, a style of shoe designed around providing the perfect strike on the ball, one would anticipate a pretty good shooting experience from the Phantom. I was a huge fan of the last T90, the Laser 4, and after wearing the Phantom, I’m happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to striking the ball. The Phantom does not feature any fancy striking elements, but what you do get is a very clean striking area, with the laces being pushed to the lateral side of the upper. The tight fit in combination with the small amount of padding provided by the NikeSkin upper gives the boot a very responsive feel when taking a shot. You feel every bit of the ball, giving a great sense of control when picking the corners.

The X-Ray texturing also plays its part in providing a little bit of extra grip on the ball when curling a shot, which is something that I personally enjoyed about the shoe. The glass nylon soleplate provides plenty of rigidity through the mid-foot and forefoot, giving the boot a very solid feel when laying into the ball. It’s definitely not a T90, but striking the ball still feels really good.


If protection is something that is important to you, than I would probably stay away from the Hypervenom Phantom. The NikeSkin upper, while it provides a slightly cushioned touch on the ball, provides very little in the way of impact protection. The material is super soft and flexible, not to mention thin, so should you get stepped on, you’ll feel every bit of the blow. Like any thin synthetic boot, you give up protection for a certain feel, and the Phantom is no different. The only protective element featured on the boot is the Internal plastic heel counter, which should provide some decent protection should take a kick to the back of the heel. It’s all down to preference at the end of the day, and if protection isn’t your first priority, than you shouldn’t have any issues wearing the Phantom.


Durability is always a concern, especially when your talking about an all-new design, featuring an all-new synthetic, but I personally did not have any issues with the Hypervenom Phantom, and I have tested multiple pairs at this point. After some wear-time, you’ll notice that the upper does stretch, and the synthetic becomes very soft, but still feels solid. One thing that I know will worry some people is the bond between the soleplate and the upper, mainly because it appears to be very weak. The reason for this is due to the NikeSkin synthetic not being a flat surface, so the bond of the upper around the edges of the boot may show slightly larger gaps than you might be used to seeing. Don’t worry, the boot is not broken and nothing is coming apart. The upper is fully cemented to the soleplate all the way through, so even if you do see a little bit of a gap between the soleplate and upper, the structural integrity of the boot has not been compromised. This is a normal occurrence and nothing to worry about when it comes to the longevity of the boot.

For the most part, the Hypervenom Phantom is very well made, especially for being so lightweight. I see no reason at all why this boot shouldn’t get you through at least season’s worth of play.

Keep in mind that the firm ground version of the Hypervenom Phantom, or any FG soccer shoe for that matter, is for use on natural grass playing surfaces, and not artificial grass or turf. Using any FG soccer shoe on an artificial playing surface will have a major impact on the longevity of the boot. If you’re going to be playing regularly on artificial grass, the Hypervenom Phantom is also available with an AG soleplate and stud pattern.

The Verdict

I didn’t know what to expect from the new Hypervenom line. It brings forward new ideas, new technologies and new materials, all to create what is one of, if not the most unique boot currently on the market. The incredible fit in combination with the sock-like feel of the NikeSkin synthetic upper gives the shoe an incredibly natural feel, while the responsive glass nylon soleplate and stud pattern provides you with all of the performance elements that you could possibly want. Many compare the Hypervenom Phantom to the Mercurial series from Nike, and while there are similarities between the two designs, the final product is completely different when it comes to feel and performance. The Phantom has quickly become one of my personal favorites, and if you were at all thinking about giving these a try, than my best advice is to go for it.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting10 out of 10
Protection6 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE63 out of 70 or 90%


  1. Hey, Josh.
    Just wondering, will the Hypervenom Phantoms in the reflective colorway get dirty easily? (since the entire upper is white)
    Great job with the reviews, btw. You rock!

  2. Hey,
    I was curious how the sizing is on this shoe in comparison to a maestri 2?

  3. Hi Josh,

    I just wanted to ask about the sizing of this boot.
    I own a pair of these in Size 10 US and find it extremely comfortable but with one complaint; they seem slightly long for my feet. About a half-CM long on my big toe, and about 1CM toward my 2nd and 3rd toe. I tried on half a size smaller but it felt really tight from right outside of the box so decided to stick with my usual size. Do you think there’s enough stretch in the boot for me to go down half a size? It would fit length-wise that way.

    Thanks a lot for all your reviews and your answer.

    • They won’t give much in the length, but they’ll stretch quite a bit in the width, which makes a big difference on the overall comfort of the boot. As long as the half size smaller isn’t hurting your feet, I would say that they would fit you great after a short break-in period.

  4. Hi Josh.

    I have these in size 9 UK but find that they run a little long for me. About 1/2 cm at my big toe, to around a 1cm toward my 2nd and 3rd toe. The more I wear them the more I seem to notice this. It might be because over time, I have stretched the Nike skin.

    I tried a half size smaller which felt very snug and tight from right outside of the box, so I decided to stick with my regular size. Do you think that if I got the smaller size, there would be enough stretch to become comfortable again without feeling too long?

    Thanks a lot for your answer and for all your reviews, real life saver!

    • They won’t stretch much in length, but will definitely give in the width. If you feel like they’re too big, than most likely they are.

  5. hey josh.
    i just got these boots and i find a little bit of slippage inside the shoe. what can i do?

  6. Josh,
    I have a question about the width of this shoe. I got the CR7 Galaxy vapors and my foot did not enjoy that experience. right now I have the CTR maestri and they fit fine. will the hypervenoms present any problems for me?

    • The Hypervenom Phantom is still a tight fitting shoe, but NikeSkin is extremely soft and flexible, much more so then the Teijin synthetic found on the MV9. I would say that you’ll be just fine in the Hypervenom.

  7. If I have FG cleats and is it ok if I use them in turf once in a while?

    • FG is made for FG and AG is made for AG. Use them if you must, nobody is going to stop you, but just know that you run the risk of damaging your shoes. It also isn’t the safest thing to do either.

  8. Hey Josh

    i was just wondering if the hypervenom phantom is a tough boot to clean because of the honeycomb-type texturing? thanks in advance

  9. hey josh could you use the ag stud patten on fg fields without durability conserns

    • I wouldn’t personally, plus the performance won’t be very good at all. The soft rubber tips of the AG studs would most likely wear away pretty quickly on natural grass.

      • so if i get the fg ones will they get damaged really easy cuz half of my games are on the ag fields and dont have the money to get two shoes

  10. Hey Josh, I have the Hypervenom Phantom SG Pro, is it possible that the metal studs be removed while playing?

  11. Hey josh, I have the hypervenom phantoms in a size 9 U.S, but they are a few cm to big and I feel my foot sliding around. I don’t want to go a half size down because then I won’t have any room to grow into the shoes. Can I just wear 2 socks until my feet grow into them?

  12. I have flat feet and do you think these cleat will fit me well?

  13. Hey Josh
    Can u help me by telling me should i use The Nike HyperVenom for the position of Central Midfielder???

  14. Hi Josh,

    I have been doing a lot of research on shoe length lately.

    on your video, you mentioned no space at all should be the best fit, do you mean the toes touching front of shoe is the best fit for soccer shoe? I tried a pair with toes touching front of shoes, it is quite uncomfortable. I researched online, a few website recommended 1/4inch to 0.5inch gap is deal, would you please clarify this issue?

    You also mentioned have some rollover when making sharp cut with the phantom, is this serious and affect the stability/fit of the shoe a lot?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the super work!

    • Sizing is all about preference and what you’re comfortable wearing. Personally, I don’t like any space at the end of my shoes at all, but you might be more comfortable with a slight space at the end your shoes. Regardless of your preference, there still shouldn’t be very much space at the end of your shoes. Wear them as tight as you can, while still being comfortable, that’s my best advice.

      As far as the Hypervenom goes, check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp2hLaTBPSs It will answer your question in detail.

  15. A 10 rating for shooting? C’mon!! Just because it is replacing the t90 series doesn’t mean it performs well in the area of shooting. I understand it has a clean striking surface, but then the f50s, vapors, and evospeeds would all have 10 ratings for shooting, and according to you that’s not the case. Don’t you think the predators have a better shooting experience than the hypervenoms? Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I just like a lot of your reviews because they seem unbiased, and I didn’t like how you rated the new nike line.

    • Ratings mean nothing at the end of the day, its the written part that matters. With that being said, I really do feel that the Hypervenom Phantom deserves the 10 out of 10 rating that I gave it. If you read the Shooting section of the review, there is plenty of justification as to why it got such a high score. At then end of the day, this is simply my opinion, and you can choose to disagree if you’d like, but it seems pretty silly to criticize my opinion on a boot that you have never worn.

  16. Josh , could you please advice ? I have narrow feet , which shoe is better for me the nike phantom AG or puma Evopower AG ?thank you for your answer Regards, Bert

  17. Hey josh,which cleats do you prefer?Mercurial vapor Galaxy or hypervenom phantom.

  18. What cleat could you compare to the phantom? Have you ever worn the Mercurial Vapor 5? If so what could say they have in common? I just really loved my MV5’s and havent ever had a good boot since.

  19. would durability be an issue on dry/slighty hard ground?

  20. Hi Josh!
    I have a pair of adidas copa mundial size 13-14 that fits perfect. i was wondering if these shoes will fit? will they stretch?

  21. hello josh!
    I have a wide foot and a pair of copa mundial at home. what nike shoes would fit best on my foot? size 48 EU

  22. Can you do the hot water treatment with the neo-lime hypervenom

  23. Hi Josh,
    I Currently own the Adidas F50 Messi boots and they fit me just fine. When I try on the Nike Mercurial, the shoe is too tight on my foot. Do you think that I can fit well into the Nike Hypervenom’s? Or have any trouble fitting into them? I was planning on purchasing them.

    • Yes. The Hypervenom, while it is a tight fitting boot, has a much different feel in comparison to the Vapor.

  24. hi josh you can summarize me you prefer the hypervenom or mercurial because i struggle with the english thanks

  25. hi josh, would you recommend the hypervenom phantom over the adidas f50 in terms of comfort and durability?

    • They’re very different shoes. The F50 is going to offer more of a true barefoot feel, where as the Phantom is just extremely unique. I personally prefer the Phantom, but they’re both fantastic shoes.

  26. Hi Josh

    I noticed in the past you had timers for the release of limited shoes – will you do the same with the adidas Samba Primeknit? Also, do you happen to know where they will be sold besides adidas.com?

  27. hi josh
    you prefer the hypervenom or mercurial??

  28. hi josh for you what is your top 5 boot the year 2013

  29. Are the phantoms more durable than the phatals
    Because I heard of some durability issues with the phantom

  30. hey josh i am a defender and i really like the hypervenoms but the protection of it is not very good so would it be a bad idea to buy them

  31. hi josh
    are hypervenom phantoms suitable for wide feet?

  32. Hey josh,
    Usually during my soccer season, i train on the firm ground surface, play games on the turf and rarely soft ground (if i’m playing an away game). So would you recommend the hypervenom phantom or the adidas f50 adizero in terms of durability?

  33. Hey josh, in regards to sizing I bought these in a US 10.5. Nike US10.5 boots for as long as I remember have been slightly shorter than adidas US10.5 boots. I noticed after purchasing that however the hypervenom US10.5 is longer than my f50 adizero leather boots from last season. The hypervenom fits snug width wise however I have a whole thumb width between my toes and the top of the boot, do you think this will be an issue performance/touch wise? Cheers

  34. Josh can you make vedio of adizero f50 5 VS hypervenom phantom

  35. Hi Josh,
    i have very narrow feet and flat feet i have used the superfly 3 vapour 9 and hypervenom and felt relativly ok . I really want to try out a leather boot and i am wondering which cleat would suit my feet
    Thanks alot and keep up the great work,

    • I would checkout the Nike Tiempo Legend 5. If you were fine wearing the Hypervenoms, the Legend 5 features a very similar shape.

  36. hi josh for you what is your top 5 boot the year 2013

  37. Hey Josh,

    I have watched the your traction review of hypervenoms, but still a bit confused. Does the rollover affect traction and making this shoe unstable, feel unconfident&unstable when making sharp turns/stops?

    Thanks in advance

  38. Hey Josh, I’m hoping to buy a new pair of cleats for the upcoming season but I’m not sure if I should buy the Hypervenom phantoms, the legend 5, or the Maestri 3. Which one would you recommend and why?

  39. thank you for the video I like the work you do behind the spike under armour what you put a top 5?? thanks to ask me

  40. hey Josh,
    I was wondering if I anted to go a half size up from a us 10 to a 10.5 is it safe to do so with the hypervenoms?

  41. Hi Josh,
    I have a question for you; which shoe do you recommend for an attacking midfielder? The Hypervenom Phantom or the Mercurial Vapor IX? And when you have to play on different sorts of surfaces, which shoe has te better soleplate?

  42. salut josh vous avez oublie de me repondre merci

  43. Hi Josh, I’m a winger and am wondering which boot should I buy. The Hypervenoms or the evopowers? My dribbling, passing and shooting are not bad, but my first touch is not good enough, so, do you think that the Hypervenoms are better for me or the evopowers are better? Looking forward to your reply.

  44. hi josh I see the video of the year cleats you can do a top 5 just behind crampons the Under armour ?

    I am a passionate boots also

  45. Definitely THE best boots I’ve ever owned. Got my NikeID (Phantom AG) yesterday and the feel was amazing. The only drawback is the lack of protection but I will manage.

  46. Hey Josh I really like your videos you have made up my mind for so many boots saving me money, keep it up I just got some questions on this particular boot for you.

    how should I chose the fit of the boot and sizing, I know you get asked a lot but I recently Whent to the shops and tried on a size us 11 which has a more roomie feel, but then I tried a 10.5us with a more tight fitting feel with about a cm space at the front I kinda like the 10.5 more since the length is not as excessive like the 11us,

    also if I got a 10.5 will it stretch with my foot shape thanks

    What is your favourite colour way in the hypervenoms.

    I’m a fan of your work keep it up, I also entered your give away good LUCK for everyone have a good day from AUS.

    • Ideally you want your shoes to fit with little to no space at the toe. I would say go for the 10.5 as long as they aren’t uncomfortably tight. I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite, but I really like the latest black/white and neo lime colorway.

  47. How do the phantoms compare to the magista opus . I have flat feet and wide feet and currently really enjoy my hypervenoms but am really interested about the opus.
    Thanks and keep up the great work

  48. Hi Josh
    I want to buy this hypervenom phantom because I’m tired of playing soccer with football cleats. So I’m a size 13 with my nike shoes and they have a 1/2inch space when I wear them. And when you say but true to size. Does that mean that if I buy 13’s will it still have that small space or less. I’m asking because I haven’t worn soccer boots in more than 2 years but I’m go back at it again

    • Its tough to compare the sizing between to different types of cleats, simply because they aren’t designed to fit the same way. I would recommend going to a local store to try on some soccer cleats to see what size that you need prior to ordering online.

  49. Hey Josh,
    I am looking for a new pair of boots. I can’t decide between these Nike Hypervenom Phantoms or the Adidas LZ 2 SL. Could you help me out? I have a fairly narrow foot and I play center midfield. I want a boot with a good shot and that is durable, and that also has a nice touch.

  50. josh which upper would u consider more comfortable, the hypervenoms or mv9?

  51. hey josh just wondering if you knew when the pink world cup hypervenom color will be released? i saw that you just got them from the site but wondering when i can order them? thanks josh!

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  53. Is hypervenom HG in japan markets fake

  54. Hey Josh, is it difficult to clean the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Reflective Pack???

  55. Hey Josh,in terms of durability and comfort,would you recommend the Evopower 1 or Hypervenom Phantom?i have watche the comparison video but still cannot really decide.A little help here please?

  56. hey josh, i wear an average size 11.5 and i want to ask which shoe do you think is good for me. the mercurial vapor or veloce or the hypervenom phantom or phatal

  57. Josh, which one are a better looking one in person between the vibrate yellow and world cup edition one

    • It just depends on whether or not you want pink or gold.

      • Which one looks cooler in person?

        • I just picked up the yellow hypervenoms. Like Josh said, it is essentially gold through the mid colour and highlighter yellow around the shoe with black nike shwoosh. They do look really cool in person, if you are a fan of yellow shoes.

          The world cup edition is essentially a pink but mixed with the total crimson found on the new CTR’s which i also have and they look amazing. That being said, there is a hyper punch colour on the shoe as well so as long as you don’t mind some pink in your shoe, then go for it. The world cup shoe is definitely unique looking and looks really cool in person.

          Good luck in your decision!

  58. Hey Josh, I’ve been watching your reviews for a year or so know and I can safely say they have made a huge impact in my decision making when it comes to shoes, and your analysis of the shoes has been extremely accurate, so thank you

    That being said, I jus picked up a pair of AG hypervenoms size 11 US and they feel great. I do have slight blistering from first time using them. Is this normal from the shoe? I have a generally wide foot wearing size 11.5 for the ctrs 360 because you recommended going half size up and it is the proper fit. There is a little room in the toe, but that is a sacrifice I have had to make with wide feet.

    I’m on the pitch 3-4 times a week so again my question is if minor blistering would be normal for a new hyper venom phantom ag. Thank you

    • Blisters are sometimes unavoidable, but of course most common when in a new pair of shoes. Let the blisters heal, and if the problem persists, than you may have a problem. But, for a new pair of shoes, minor blistering is by no means abnormal. Thanks for your support by the way, glad you enjoy the content.

  59. Also, I’m glad to see a fellow Canadian share the same passion for the game!

  60. Hello Josh~!!! I’m a big fan of your reviews. Could you tell me the difference between MVX and HyperVenom Phantom in same size condition. Which one is longer?

  61. Do you prefer this or the EvoPOWER 1?I understand that both have different feels for the ball with the Phantom having a barefoot feel and the EvoPOWER having a padded feel.

  62. Hey Josh i’m just asking that is the Hypervenom are wide footed cleats

  63. Were can we get those cleats and how much?

  64. Will I be able to use FG on AG for this cleat?

  65. Personally, what do you think is the best looking colourway for the hypervenom?

  66. Do you like the hypervenoms or evopowers better?

  67. Is there a difference between the AG and FG shoes?Not including the formation of the studs.

  68. Hi josh
    I bought a pair of hypervenoms phantom, they felt amazing for a couple of weeks. After about 10 mins into practice or a game I felt as if the studs where pressing up against my toes. I tried to put insoles in but did not help. It was on both feet, should I buy another pair? or stay away from the hypervenoms. Any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance

    • Stud pressure is not a common issue with Hypervenoms due to the stiffer than average soleplate. Is it possible that the pair that you’re wearing are a little too big, putting the studs in certain areas under the foot that could lead to discomfort?

  69. hey i currently use the nike maestri 3 and love the touch i get on the ball, how is the touch compared to this shoe?

  70. This boot vs magista obra vs predator instinct which DO YOU PERSONALLY prefer

  71. Can you help me find the flash lime green colorway of the phantoms in a size 9.5 US? I have looked every where i cant find them Please and Thank you

  72. Hey josh,

    Big fan of your videos. I have been playing with predator LZ’s and LZ 2′s for the past 2 years now and I decided I wanted to change. I am currently think of getting hypervenom’s or MVX and I just can’t decide which to get. Also, I was wondering how much of a change it would be to switch from Predators to hypervenom’s/MVX? So my 2 question’s are: Hypervenom or MVX and How much of a change is it to switch from preds to Hypervenom/MVX

  73. Would you prefer nike hypervenom phantom or Adidas micoach 2 synthetic

  74. k just gonna say this straight up hypervenom vs mercurial which would you choose

  75. Sadly the us 9 was alittle too big in the 2nd to last toe area. I wear both us 9 for the tiempo V and Ctr 3 which fits perfectly. Hopefully they wont slip much inside the forefoot area.

  76. Hey Josh,
    I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year now and i just wanted to say i really appreciate the effort and detail you put into your reviews. So i’ve had a pair of nikeid hypervenom phantoms for about 5 months now and i have semi-wide feet. The upper stretched as you predicted and i’m pretty sure they are starting to overstretch, so i was wondering is there anything or any methods to prevent overstretching or to slow down the stretching process?

  77. Hey josh i had a few questions to compare the phantoms and the superfly 4. You said that the phantoms are the most unique boot on the market and gave this boot a 10 in comfort. Would any of those change now that you have tried the superfly 4? Im currently using T90s and am looking to change to something more confortable with a natural feel. Thanks for all the info you provide

    • Both the Phantom and Superfly 4 are going to feel dramatically different coming from the T90 line. They’ll feel different, and both shoes are very comfortable, but its a different overall fit in comparison to the T90 models from Nike.

  78. hi,
    i wanted to know if i can get SG studs as i play on soft ground mostly but play on firm ground quite alot too?

    • SG studs are for soft ground and nothing else. If your splitting you time up between FG and SG playing surfaces, the best thing to do is to have one pair of shoes for each playing surface.

  79. Hey Josh,

    I know you get a lot of these questions, but in terms of sizing i tried on a pair of US 8.5 hypervenoms and had about 1cm left of room in front of my big toe and in terms of width it felt a little tight but not too much. I then tried on a US 8 and in terms of length it was perfect i only had about half a centimeter worth of room left but it felt kind of tight around my forefoot, will the nikeskin stretch enough to where it will become less tight around the forefoot and mould to the foot?

  80. Hey josh, i Previously played with nike hypervenom phelon. But now i got a better budget and can buy the topmodel. Is it worth it going from phelon to phanton. Will I notice a big difference in terms of performance, like weight shooting and dribbling? Or where will i feel there’s a big difference?

  81. Hey, i am not sure about which boots i should buy.. I like to play as a midfielder, either central or as winger, and rarely also plays as a striker. I can run for about 10 kilometers, and i like to you know participate in the game, like go on and tackle, instead of being a passive striker waiting for his chances, which i think is deadly boring, so i like to interact, press my opponent and tackle, dribble (Control the game). I am not the fastest in my club, but neither the slowest. I think my topspeed is about 20 km per hour, but i like to improve that. So when i am playing as midfielder i like to take on my opponents, and also like to take running duels, and also to make good passes, short and long. But i am at shooting. So i need a boot, which is good for control, speed, acceleration/agility, passes. And maybe help me with my shooting, which i think i am not really good at. I have considered, the hypervenoms, adizero, mecurial vapor and predator, but i think the predator is too heavy, or is 290 grams fine do you think. Hope you can help. Thanks 🙂

  82. Hey Josh! I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and their great. Thank you. I do have a question about sizing. I normally wear a size ten, but a lot of my friends and some other review videos are starting to convince me that buying a 9 1/2 would be a better fit. Is this true? will the upper nikeskin actually stretch enough to fit my foot? (for reference my last cleats were the 2013 blackout leather adidas f50s size 10)

    • The shoe runs true to size. I think what you’re talking about is whether or not you should wear half a size smaller for the sake of a more snug fit overall. If you have extra room at the toe in your adizeros, than by all means go half a size down. Just know that the shoe will not stretch in length, but it will give in the width.

  83. Hi josh, I was wondering what is your preference between the hypervenom phantom and the tiempo legend 5?

  84. Out of the Nike Mercurial vapor IX and the Nike Hypervenom Phantom, witch has more grip on the ball when shooting and dribbling?

  85. If i were to buy a pair of hyper venom phantoms, should i get a size true to my foot size or a little bigger or smaller?

  86. Hey josh, today was my first day wearing hypervenoms. The sizing is perfect , with a tiny bit of space length wise. however, after playing for a while, my right toe’s nail started hurting and it was like no room for my toes to move up or down if you know what i mean. I didnt get stepped on or anything its jst my right toe hurting mostly and a little bit of pain on left? Is this normal?

  87. Hey, was wondering about the FG Black/White with neo lime highlights colour, does it get dirty fast, obviously it will get dirty because its white but what i really want to know is if after about 3-4 uses in good weather will it still stand out with the white?

  88. Hi, I’m a size 10.5 in the tiempo genio what size do you recommend for the hypervenoms?

  89. Hey josh I have the pre World Cup messi f50 Adizeros in a size 11 and I have a bit of extra space in the toe box what size should I get in the hypervenom phantoms

  90. Hey Josh, I am seriously thinking about purchasing a pair of stealth pack hypervenom phantoms. The only thing that is making me hesitate is the gluing between the upper and the sole plate. Is this still an issue on the more recent hypervenom phantom colourways? Thanks a lot, Billy

  91. Hey josh what is your favourite soccer cleat out of the nike cleats

  92. If I get the Nike mercurial vapor VIII ACC retro/orange,would that still be a good option for mevs all of the newer boots?

  93. in terms of the color ways of all Green, Black/white, Purple/Yellow, all Yellow, and the Royal Blue/Black?

  94. Which shoe has the best touch IN YOUR OPINION

  95. I used hypervenom and i realised passing with these boots was quite unusual. the accuracy was not that high and really need to make you open your foot fully outwards for accurate pass? Did you notice the side of the boots towards toe interferring with the ball or is it just me?

  96. If i have some room in the front of the boot will I slip at all?

  97. Hi Josh,

    Have these boots been updated in size / shape for 2014/15? I had some last year which fit perfectly, just bought replacements and they are way too long. Tried a half size down but they are cripplingly small.


    • No, the shoe hasn’t changed at all. It seems strange that they would be that different is was the same size as your previous pair. I’ve tried on every colorway of the Phantom from the 1st one to the latest one, and they all fit exactly the same.

  98. hello,i am a midfielder what is better for me the nike hypervenom phantom or adidas predator lz2

    • Your position on the field has nothing to do with what shoes you should wear. Pick shoes based on your preferences when it comes to feel and what your comfortable with, not by what shoe is marketed towards your position.

  99. Hey josh! I was wondering if you could help me with a question I had. I have a pair or CTR 360 Maestri III but now that they are discotinued I am debating on the Hypervenom Phantom or the Tiempo Legend V. I am a size 10 on the ctrs, which boot would you recommend and what size?

  100. Hi Josh,
    Firstly I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to make our lives easier, really appreciate it 🙂 . I am in a bit of a dilemma on the size of this shoe that would be best for me. I am confused between size 9US v/s 8US. I ordered size 9 earlier but it left a third of an inch space on the toe end. I did return them at that point but now I am in need of a boot on urgent basis and am wondering if it makes sense to go a size down or stick to 9US?

    • Personal preference plays a role in sizing. Personally, I like to wear my shoes with no space at the end at all, but some people prefer some extra room. If you’re happy with how they fit in a 9US, than stick with it, but you’d prefer something more snug, you can safely go half a size down to an 8.5US.

  101. Thanks for getting back. I don’t mind going with a snug feel on the feet. My previous experience with a slighthly loose boot was with the Nike mercurial vapor V which ended up giving me really bad blisters within 15mins. With that in mind I am biased towards going true to size also considering the good snug feel of this boot and overall comfort it gives. Should I go half or one full size down though ? (9US is close to 1/2 inch or 1.5cm bigger towards the toe end)

  102. P.S: I only wore the 9US indoors as I had to return them and hence I do not have an idea of the performance of the shoe as such. That is the main reason as to why I need your expert advice.

  103. Hi Josh,
    On most nike cleats/indoor my little pinky toe gets a bit cramped. I would’t say I have excessively wide feet but enough so if the material isn’t stretchy than I wound’t be able to fit. I am looking at the tiempo legend V and the hypervenoms phantoms and I know you said that they both have the X1.1 (would that make both of them bad?) . Which one would you think is better for me fitting wise since the tiempo has kangaroo leather and the hypervenoms has NikeSkin, or neither? and keep up the awesome work!!

    • Both of the shoes that you mentioned will stretch a pretty significant amount after some break-in time, so as long as they aren’t uncomfortably tight in the width from out of the box, they should work out fine after some wear-time. Both shoes should be able to work out for you given what you told me.

  104. Hey Josh,
    I know you get a lot of comments about sizing issues and will I fit into this, and will I fit into that, But I’m about to do the same. I have a foot on the wider side, and I currently fit very comfortably into a size 9.5 Tiempo Legend 5. My feet do not fit into any shoes in the Nike Mercurial line. For my next pair, I was considering the Hypervenom Phantom. Will I fit comfortably in a pair of these shoes? If so, should I just move to a size 10? Thanks for all your hard work and I really appreciate the detail you go into in your videos.

    • The Hypervenom will fit similarly to the Mercurial line, so it may not be the best option. With that said, the Niek Skin upper on the Phantom will stretch a little after some wear time, which will allow for some extra width. That said, if they don’t fit you in your proper size, I wouldn’t recommend going up in size to compensate for the width of your foot, they’ll just be too big.

  105. Hey Josh, can you help me out? I have a pair of Phantoms in size 10 US, I’m getting another pair. The current pair is nice and snug on my left foot, but my right foot is a bit narrow compared to my left, and doesn’t feel so snug. Should I go a half size down and risk the left boot being too tight?

  106. hey josh, you said that the Hypervenom will stretch, just wanted to know if I should buy a Hypervenom a half size smaller .

  107. does the upper roll until it makes blisters? does wide foot affects this?

  108. I currently wear the Adidas Predator LZ2 in a US11.5 and they fit perfect in width and length. Do you think the Hypervenom Phantom will fit in width? and what size would you recommend for me?

  109. Hey Joshua..Can u make a comparison video between the Nike hypervenom Phantoms and the new Adidas Predator instinct???

  110. Hey josh, I just got my new hypervenoms and they fit pretty tight. I got my true size which is a 9.5

  111. Hey Josh

    I’m coming from the maestri 3, which i loved to wear. However for the new season, i wanted to try out the hypervenoms and i just wanted to know if i fit in the ctr’s snug all the way through, with a touch of space in the midfoot, would i be able to fit in the hypervenoms snugly all the way through?

    Thanks in advance

    • You should be OK in the Hypervenoms. It’s a tighter fitting shoe in comparison to the Maestri 3, especially at first, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Keep in mind that the Hypervenoms run half a size smaller in comparison to the Maestri 3. I wear a 9.5US in the Maestri and a 9US in the Phantoms.

  112. Hey Josh, I’ve been wanting to get a new pair hypervenom phantoms,but most of my friends recommend me the mercurial superfly 4 or the magista obra, which one do you think I should get?

    • They’re all great shoes, it just depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to feel. If you like the Hypervenoms, then go for them. Who care what your friends say when your the one who has to wear them.

      • Thanks, but I’m thinking of getting the most durable of the 3 boots, which one of the 3 boots do you think is the most durable?

      • Thanks for the speedy reply, but I’m thinking of getting the most durable of the 3 boots, which one of the 3 boots do you think is the most durable?

  113. Hey Josh, I’ve been watching your videos for over months by now and I just love them. I am considering to buy a cleats that give me a unique touch when striking the ball and I thought that this were the right ones. But then came out the new Predator Instict and made me hesitate, I already have a Hypervenom Phatal and the fit is just excellent so I wouldn’t have a problem on that aspect with the Phantom. Which one do you recommend me between the Hypervenom Phantom and the Predator Instict?

    • They’re two very different shoes when it comes to feel. The Preds provide a ton of extra grip on the ball, something that you won’t get, at least to the same extreme, as you would from the Phantoms. It’s a matter of preference at the end of the day.

      • I’ve just discarded the Preds because of their excesive weight. Now i’m considering the F50 Adizero Messi. And now my doubt is which one is better in terms of durability, the phantoms or the adizero? I want to buy a top-end model to have for the longest time as possible because I can’t afford to buy a new ones all the time. Thank you for your quick answer.

  114. Hi Josh, I currently wear F50 adizeros in size 9.5 US. They fit me well but I wanted to try the hypervenoms. I got a size 9.5 US in the hypervenoms and they feel a little tight especially around my little toe. Will they stretch out when i break them in or do you think I need to get a size 10?


    • They will stretch after some wear time. As long as they are uncomfortably tight, I would stick with the 9.5US. I wear the same size 9US in both the Hypervenom Phantom and F50 adizero.

  115. Hi,
    I sent back my UK 9.5 magista obra’s, (they broke within a month) and got a refund. So i’m pretty sure that i will get these.
    Will they fit similar to magista’s as UK 9.5 was perfect for me?
    Hows the durability?
    And what is your favourite colour way (in person. Mines the new white shine through pack)

  116. Are they easy enough to clean in your opinion

  117. Hey Josh I have a question on sizing for the phantom. I recently bought a pair in a 10.5 US and I felt like the boot was too wide since I have a pretty narrow foot. Do you think I should go half a size down?

  118. Hey Josh, would you prefer the Mercurial Vapor X or the Hypervenom Phantoms on a firm ground surface in an important game? Thanks, Noah.

  119. Josh I want to know whether this or the nike mercurial superfly is better

  120. Hey Josh, you make amazing reviews! Do you prefer the hypervenom phantom or mercurial vapor x? Thank you for your time!

  121. Hi josh gonna do a video for the best cleat year 2014 ??

  122. Hey Josh, do you prefer hypervenom phantom or predator instinct? Thanks!

  123. Joshua which do you prefer the Nike vapor 10 or Nike hypervenom

  124. Hi Josh,
    I’ve tried a number of synthetics (Veloce and Trequartista) and my feet sweat like crazy in them. I’m able to feel that my socks are wet and need to change them at half time to keep from sliding around in my boots.

    Do these offer better breathability than those synthetics? Do you know if certain socks work better with synthetics? Or should I just stick to leather?


  125. hey josh which boot is better hypervenom or the evopower 1 ?

  126. Hey Josh, on the pair of hypervenoms i have the right boot’s stud has chipped off just a bit what can i do to fix this problem because have just brought the hypervemons recently

  127. Hey josh i looking to buy the hypervenom gold preimium, im size 8.5 us mens but the website has size 8s and size 9s, should i look for different ones or should i get one of these sizes

  128. Hey Josh and Others,

    Did you notice any difference in feel/stretch/durability between the different colorways. I’ve noticed that some (like the stealth pack) have more of a matte finish whereas others are a bit more shiny.

    Are there any differences in performance between them?


  129. I easily fit into the legend v will I easily fit into the phantoms? And can you please tell that how stiff the soleplate is in comparison to the soleplate of the nitrocharge 1.0 containing the energy pulse?

    • The Phantom offers a tighter fit, especially from right out of the box, in comparison to the Legend 5, but they will stretch. You shouldn’t have any issues. I personally find the Phantom soleplate to be stiffer than that of the Nitrocharge.

  130. Why isnt the new Hypervenom Phantom Clearwater available in AG?

  131. I just bought the Hypervenom phantoms in a UK size 9.5 but i am wondering if that was a good choice because I previously had world cup Adizero F50s in a size 9.5, will the hypervenoms fit well or will they be to small?

  132. Hi

    I want to get a pair of Hypervenom Phantoms but i’m unsure of which size i should get. I currently wear the ctr360 Trequartista 3 and i have them in a size 10US. My feet are still growing and my boots are getting a little to small as the nail on my big toe is slightly bruised, even though i have roughly half a thumb nail’s space at the tip of the boot to my toes. Since the trequartista 3 runs have a size small, is it safe to get a size 10US in the Hypervenom’s too or should i go up to a 10.5US? I know you won’t know how much my feet will grow but what do think if i were to were the hypervenoms until he end of the year, which size would be best.

    Sorry for the long paragraph and thanks in advance.

  133. Hey josh I got the hypervemon highlight and I got a size 9.5 I got about two inches of space between the tip of the boots to my toes should I get a size down or should I stay?

  134. hi josh,
    I have been looking on the market recently and i have come upon three cleats that have really caught my eye which are the hypervenoms, mercurials X, and the new f50s, i am a player that is always doing quick cuts and cares a lot about the touch of the ball with cleats on. i was wondering which one had the best stud pattern

    • The F50s and Mercurials are two of the best stud patterns if you’re looking for very aggressive traction. The Hypervenoms are great too, but you won’t get quite as much bite.

  135. hey josh im considering getting the hyperpunch phantoms but i want this shoe to last form now until the end of fall. do you think it would be a good rout or go with a more durable take down model?

    • That’s your call really. You should be able to get a season’s worth of use out of them. Should something go wrong, Nike is pretty good about taking care of you through their warranty department.

  136. which color you like most on the hypervenoms

  137. I would have a boot which has a good touch when dribbling and which is good at shooting. And at same time it is lightweight and comfortable. Which boot would you recommend? I have looked on the Hypervenoms, but i’m not sure about which shoe is better for these preferences.

    • Ideally you would want all of those characteristics from any shoe. You haven’t really narrowed down anything for me. It all depends on your preferences when it comes to feel.

  138. Hey Josh,
    what would you prefer for someone who likes to dribble and pass f50 adizeros or the hypervenom academy pack

  139. can i use fg on ag?
    how long will it last it i use fg on ag?

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