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Puma evoPOWER 1 FG Review

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As the successor to the Powercat, the evoPOWER 1 takes Puma’s “Power” boot line in a completely new direction. Everything about the evoPOWER 1 is new and never been done before, which not only makes for a very unique feel, but also for a boot that doesn’t really compare to anything else currently on the market. Puma really put a lot of thought into this boot, as seen by the overwhelming amount of tech specs and new technologies, but what’s even more surprising is that it all performs extremely well!


Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the Puma evoPOWER 1 is the extremely comfortable fit. Much of the overall design is based around the natural flexibility of the foot, something that is very apparent upon wearing the evoPOWERs for the first time. The upper is made from Puma’s new one-way stretchable, microfiber AdapLite synthetic. While I’ve heard complaints here and there regarding the “cheap” appearance of the synthetic, an opinion that I don’t necessarily agree with, trust me when I say that the feel is undeniably premium when on feet.

The AdapLite synthetic upper is on the thinner side, but at the same time remains almost leather-like in terms of how pliable it is. From right out the box, the upper fits and moves very closely with the bend of your foot, allowing for a high-quality snug fit while still maintaining a great level of comfort. It is a one-way stretchable microfiber, again something that is unique to the evoPOWER 1. You’ll find that the synthetic will stretch vertically ever so slightly, but maintains its shape very well horizontally, allowing the boot to maintain great lateral stability. An external Everfit Cage has also been implemented for added support on both the lateral and medial sides of the upper.

AdapLite synthetic truly feels like a hybrid between leather and synthetic, but does so differently from other high-quality synthetics out there. It’s thin and has a tighter feel against the foot, but due to its softness and non-restrictive flexible feel, there is a certain leather-like quality to the upper that feels amazing. If I had to compare it to another material, I would say that it feels like a combination of NikeSkin from the Nike Hypervenom Phantom, and Kanga-Lite from the Nike CTR360 Maestri 3, which is a huge compliment.

Other comfort elements of the boot include an extra flexible Achilles tendon guards at the back of the boot, which eliminates any kind of unnecessary stiffness, and again makes for a very natural feel. The heel is lined in a textured synthetic, backed by plenty of soft padding, making for a secure and comfortable feel. The tongue is made from the same AdapLite synthetic as the rest of the boot, but also features two strips of soft memory foam running down the middle, which are positioned perfectly to cut down on lace bite, allowing you to tie your boots very tight without any discomfort. The insole is fully removable, and surprisingly well padded considering the lightweight nature of the boot. The insole features a smooth mesh liner, and is constructed from one fairly thin layer of foam, with two thicker, perforated foam inserts in the forefoot and heel, making for great step-in comfort.

When it comes to fit, the evoPOWER 1 is one of very few boots that has the ability to almost instantly form to the exact shape of your foot, and that has everything to do with the thin yet flexible nature of the upper. Similar to the Hypervenom Phantom, the evoPOWER 1 has a very comfortable sock-like fit with pretty much no break-in time required. Other than simply getting used to the overall feel, I never found myself in any kind of discomfort throughout testing, and blisters were never a concern. The flexibility of the soleplate also plays a fairly large role in the overall natural feel of the boot, as your foot truly feel unrestricted to flex and bend in pretty much any direction.

As we’ve come to expect from Puma, the evoPOWER 1 features a slight anatomical shape in the toe box area, as opposed to just being perfectly round. This is a feature that seems to have been tweaked ever so slightly on the evoPOWER, in comparison to the slightly more extreme anatomical shape of their evoSPEED line, making for a fit that leaves very little extra space inside the boot, which is great.

In terms of width, I would say that the evoPOWER 1 is wider than average, in comparison to most thin synthetic soccer cleats, but definitely isn’t an excessively wide fitting boot. It is also worth noting that the AdapLite synthetic upper did not stretch much at all throughout my testing, so for the most part, the way they fit from right out of the box is the way they’ll fit for the majority of their lifespan. I would say that the boot is average in width through the heel and mid-foot, while the forefoot and toe box area is ever so slightly wider. The off-centered lacing system also does a great job allowing you to properly secure your foot inside the shoe whether you have narrow, average or wide feet. As long as you don’t have excessively wide feet, the evoPOWER 1 should fit you just fine.

The evoPOWER 1 does not fit true to size. Instead of wearing my usual size 9US, I found that I needed to go half a size up to a 9.5US for the proper fit. So, if you’re looking to order a pair for yourself, I would strongly recommend going half a size up.


The evoPOWER 1 weighs in at a very lightweight 7.2oz, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the synthetic upper and thin soleplate. While this weight range is somewhat unusual for what is technically categorized as a “power” boot, nothing feels missing or stripped away for the sake of weight. The boot is light, because for the most, the design is simple. So, if you’ve always wanted a boot designed around striking the ball, but didn’t necessarily want something with a little more bulk to it, than the evoPOWER 1 is the boot for you.


The stud pattern of the evoPOWER line has been completely changed coming from the PowerCat. The stud pattern features a combination of conical and bladed studs, allowing for a good blend of different performance characteristics. Under the forefoot, you’ll find four conical studs, positioned at the front and medial sides of the boot, with three bladed studs on the lateral side, while the heel features a much simpler four bladed stud layout.

What’s great about this stud pattern is that it provides a really solid blend of grip, stability and maneuverability. The four conical studs have a fairly narrow profile about them and are slightly above average in length. These four studs act as your main point of grip when accelerating, as they do a great job of penetrating the ground and providing solid push-off traction. Also, because they are conical in shape, you still maintain the freedom of maneuverability, making it easy to twist, turn and adjust when on your toes. The bladed studs on the lateral side of the forefoot and heel act as your stability studs. Not only do the bladed studs help with achieving a firm plant when striking the ball, but they also help with added traction when making hard lateral cuts.

While the stud pattern is certainly very simple, you can tell that it was very well thought out, which shows in the overall performance. The very flexible soleplate also plays a role in the overall traction. No matter which way that your foot bends or twist, the soleplate follows very closely, allowing you to have as many studs as possible under your feet at all times, which translates into better traction.

The evoPOWER 1 introduces a slew of new technologies, and because of it, the new stud pattern seems to have been one of those features that most people seemed to have overlooked. With that being said, the performance is fantastic, and is not only one of the best stud patterns on offer from Puma, but also one of my personal favorites.


I would describe the touch of the evoPOWER 1 as having a modified barefoot feel. As mentioned before the AdapLite synthetic is very thin, which makes for more of a barefoot feel. With that being said, there is a slight plushness about the synthetic, which gives the upper somewhat of a leather-like quality. It’s tricky to describe, but imagine AdapLite synthetic as a very soft, second skin, if that makes any sense. There is very little material between your foot and the ball, but there is still a slightly cushioned quality about it, something that reminds me very much of NikeSkin synthetic, found on the Hypervenom Phantom, but at the same time very different.

As great as that sounds, that’s not the only factor that comes into play regarding touch. Through the instep, forefoot and toe area of the upper, you’ll find foam inserts that modify your feel for the ball. These inserts are made from what Puma calls AccuFoam. The foam inserts are thicker than you might expect, and also have a very soft, spongy feel to them. While the AccuFoam pads are intended as a striking element, they definitely give the thin upper a more padded, leather-like quality, which is something that I really enjoyed about the boots. For those wondering, the foam pads don’t take away from your feel for the ball, but instead change how the shoe reacts.

When dribbling and making softer touches on the ball, the evoPOWER 1 has more of a barefoot feel. When controlling the ball, passing and juggling, you still get that barefoot feel, but with a really unique cushioned quality provided by the AccuFoam inserts.

One last aspect of the boot worth mentioning is the finish of the upper, which is totally smooth with a slightly shiny finish. It doesn’t provide any additional grip on the ball, and for the most part felt very natural.

It’s tough to sum up something as unique as the evoPOWER 1, simply because it doesn’t really compare to anything else that I have ever worn. With that being said, I loved the feel of the boot, and if you’re not opposed to trying something new, than I would strongly recommend checking these out.


As Puma’s marketing would suggest, the evoPOWER 1 design is largely based around striking the ball. In comparison to past “power” boots from Puma, as well as other brands, it is clear to see that the evoPOWER 1 takes inspiration from none of its predecessors. Instead, Puma decided to go back to drawing board, did some testing, with and without shoes, and came to three separate conclusions that largely influenced the final design of the evoPOWER 1. Keep in mind that these are facts given by Puma, and of the actual results or numbers from these tests have not been released to the public.

According to Puma, when striking the ball barefoot, with no shoes at all, the natural flexibility of the foot, including the curling of the toes, allows you to generate more power in your shot. The motion of curling your toes and flexing your foot backwards, is something that would normally be restricted in the average pair of soccer cleats. To solve this problem, Puma implemented an ultra-flexible soleplate on the evoPOWER 1, called GSF, Gradual Stability Frame.

You’ll find that the Pebax soleplate in the toe and forefoot area is very thin, and features flex grooves allowing for great flexibility in both directions.  Moving towards the mid-foot, you’ll find more flex grooves with a plastic spin-like insert running through the middle. Again, this area of the soleplate is more flexible than your average boot, but does not lack the rigidity to maintain a stable and supportive feel. The flexibility of the soleplate and one-way stretchable synthetic upper allows your foot to more naturally flex and move with the shoe when striking the ball, just as your foot would react when striking the ball barefoot.

The second test result given by Puma, again has to do with striking the ball barefoot. They found that having less material between your foot and the ball translates to a more powerful shot. In order to replicate the barefoot striking experience, Puma implemented a thin synthetic upper, AdapLite, which we’ll talk about more in just a second.

The final test result had to do with accuracy. Puma found that while less padding between your foot and the ball resulted in more power, it also resulted in less accuracy. To counteract that problem, Puma implemented AccuFoam inserts through the main striking zones across the upper.

All three of these features come together to make what it essentially the only boot on the market designed specifically around barefoot shooting mechanics. While the tech side of the boot is incredibly interesting, what matters at the end of the day is performance, and I am happy to report that the evoPOWER 1 does not disappoint.

One thing that I want to get straight right off the bat is that these shoes will not increase your shot power or accuracy. While the concepts and test results given by Puma make sense, there isn’t a significant performance difference in comparison to other high-end shoes currently on the market. With that said, the feel of the evoPOWER 1 when striking the ball is very unique, in a positive way.

The first, and arguably the most interesting feature of the evoPOWER 1 that must be discussed is the GSF soleplate. While an intentionally flexible soleplate is unique, it isn’t necessarily something that has never been done before. There are plenty of cleats out there that feature very thin plastic soleplates that will flex backwards when enough force is applied. They may not flex quite as easily as the evoPOWER 1, but the point is that flexible soleplates have existed before, but this is the first time it has been presented as a feature.

As far as performance goes in regards to the GSF soleplate, it feels good. It isn’t something that you’re going to notice with every strike, but when you connect with a lot of power, you will get that flex back sensation from the boot. Again, I did not find that this resulted in an increase in power to my shots.

The upper is my personal favorite aspect of striking the ball in the evoPOWER 1. The AdapLite upper makes for a very responsive feel, simply because it’s very thin, while the AccuFoam pads provide a slight cushion that does make for a slightly more controlled feel. Just like I don’t think that the boot increases the power of your shot, I also don’t feel like it increases your accuracy. What it does provides is a slightly more controlled feel in comparison to a true thin, barefoot synthetic upper.

For those wondering about the feel of the AccuFoam pads, they feel much more natural than I was honestly expecting. The foam is very spongy, and when you strike through the ball it is very apparent that there is a little something extra between your foot and the ball aside from the AdapLite synthetic upper. While the AccuFoam inserts add some padding to the upper, it does not feel like it takes away from the overall responsive feel of the boot, and actually compresses to the point where you still feel every bit of the ball. It’s there simply to take the edge off, and I can confirm that it does make for slightly more controlled feel to your shot.

The finish of the upper is pretty straight forward and doesn’t provide any additional grip on the ball. Unlike many “power” boots, the evoPOWER 1 does not feature any rubber striking elements, but instead relies on providing a very clean and uniform striking surface across the entire foot.

Overall, the striking experience provided by the evoPOWER 1 is much simpler than the tech specs would suggest. The feel is responsive, consistent and unique to the evoPOWER 1. If you’re looking for one of the cleanest possible strikes on the ball, than the evoPOWER 1 is a very strong option.


While protection isn’t necessarily the strongest aspect of the evoPOWER 1, it definitely has a little more to offer in comparison to other thin synthetic soccer cleats. The upper is thin, and provides very little impact protection, but the AccuFoam pads do help the issue to a certain extent, and will absorb at least some of the blow should you get stepped on. The boot also features a fairly small and thin, internal plastic heel counter that will provide some minor protection should get kicked towards the back area of the foot. The evoPOWER 1 is safer than most boots in this weight range, but is still on thinner side. If protection is a major concern for you, this probably isn’t the choice of boot.


When it comes to durability, I had no issues at all throughout testing with the evoPOWER 1. While the upper and soleplate is on the thinner side of things, the construction of the boot is pretty seamless, and there just doesn’t seem to be much that could go wrong. If I had one concern regarding the longevity of the evoPOWER, it would definitely be the thin soleplate, mainly in the forefoot area of the boot. Since the studs are fairly long, if you are somebody that frequently plays on hard ground, natural grass playing surfaces, I could see stud pressure being an issue down the line. Please keep in mind that I did not have any issues with stud pressure whatsoever, and if you play on firm or soft ground, natural grass playing surfaces, this will not be a problem.

The evoPOWER 1, while it isn’t incredibly solid, should get you through at least a season’s worth or play, if not longer depending on how hard you are on your shoes. Also keep in mind that the Firm Ground version of the evoPOWER 1, or any FG boot for that matter, is designed for use on firm, natural grass playing surfaces, and nothing else. Using any FG boot on turf/artificial grass will have a major impact on the overall durability.

The Verdict

There is so much to talk about the technology of the evoPOWER 1, but the overall experience is much simpler than you might expect. I can appreciate the story and reasoning behind the design of the boot, and while it doesn’t necessarily result in “next level” performance, the boot still performs incredibly well. The combination of AdapLite synthetic with AccuFoam inserts feels awesome when making touches and striking the ball, while the close and comfortable fit of the boot just enhances the experience. Not to mention the unique soleplate design and fantastic stud pattern.

It’s cool to see a company release a shoe that is truly unique, especially when the design makes sense. There are performance features that you can’t get from any other boot, which is something that doesn’t happen all that often. The evoPOWER 1 is a truly unique design that appeals to the masses and really does have something for everybody. If you were considering the evoPOWER 1 as your next boot, my best advice would be to go for it.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting10 out of 10
Protection7 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
Final Score64 out of 70 or 91%


  1. Hey Josh!!! i love your reviews!!! i am looking to buying some evo powers but as you might understand am short in funds sooo am looking at the EvoPower 2 instead of the 1 is there a really big difference?! from the 1 to the 2? should i suck it up wait and buy the 1?

  2. Hey josh I wanted to get some puma Evo power 1 and I haven’t tried them yet so I don’t have correct sizing I’m currently wearing tiempo legend 5 size 10 wat size would you recommend? I don’t have to wide of a foot but a little to wide for vapors..respond pls and thank

  3. hey josh i wear a size 12 in a hyper venom and was wondering what size to wear for the evopower since they don’t make 12.5?

    • That’s a tough call. If the Hypervenoms your wearing in a 12 fit very tight, than I would probably go for a 13. If your Hypervenoms fit with some extra space, I stick with a 12.

  4. If I wear size 10 and a half in vapors and f50s what size should I get?

    • I wear a 9US in both the adizero and Vapor and wear a 9.5US in the evoPOWER. Based on that, I would go for a 10.5US.

  5. Hey josh.Im planning to buy these boots and i have wide feet.so i want to ask you whether puma evopower or nike tiempo legend 5 are wider?

    • I would say that they’re pretty similar in width from right out of the box. With that being said, the Legend 5 is made of leather, so it will stretch, where as the evoPOWER will not.

      • Thx for the reply. I got one more question. Between puma evopower 1 and nike tiempo legend 5 which one is more comfortable?

  6. What size should I get if I wear a 8.5 in powercats? Also I’m torn between evopowers and the tiempo legend 5. Which one would you reccomend? I think comfort and traction are the 2 most important thing so which one would you pick mainly on those 2 factors?

    • I would go for the same size. The evoPOWER and Legend 5 are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to feel. It really comes down to your own personal preference when it comes to feel, rather than which is “better” than the other.

  7. Hey Josh i want to get a pair of evopower 1’s. But i don’t know what size to get. I am a size 12 in ctr’s and tiempo’s. But i probably can fit in a 11.5 because they stretch. I don’t have wide feet and i don’t have flat feet. How tight should they be on my feet? and will they stretch a little bit?

  8. Hey Josh! I was confused between buying the evopower 1 and the predator LZ 2. I have used the LZ 2 before and I loved them, and now I need to change shoes because of my increasing foot size, I want to try a new boot, which is the evopower 1, but I dont want to take a risk of the evopower not suiting me. Which one would you prefer, LZ 2 or the evopower 1?

    • Its not a matter of my preference, its what you like that matters. The LZ 2 provides lots of extra grip on the ball that the evoPOWER 1 does not offer. The evoPOWER 1 is great, but very different from the LZ 2. If you don’t mind not having the extra grip, than by all means go for the evoPOWER. Of course, if you’re comfortable with the LZ 2, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick with what you like. Your call.

  9. Hey Josh I am kind of stuck on whether to get the hypervenom phantom or the puma evopower . I do have wide feet and according to what everyone else says the puma evopower is really good for people with wide feet, I also like to do a lot of freestyle and would like a shoe which is good for doing this as well as that I like to practice my shooting and therefore feel that the puma evopower is a good shoe to use. My question is which one do you think is the better boot for me ?


    • I wouldn’t say that the evoPOWER 1 is particularly wide at all. After wearing the evoPOWER 1 for the last 2 weeks, I would say that the boot it reminds me of the most would be the Hypervenom Phantom. They’re both great boots, but its really up to you as far as which one is the one you should go for. The Hypervenom is going to thinner than the evoPOWER, that’s the main distinction when it comes to feel.

  10. Could you do a comparison between PUMA evoPower 1 and Nitrocharge 1.0 since both are suitable for wide feet player like me.Thanks

  11. Hey Josh! I’ve been waiting for these ever since i saw the advertisements and all the reviews ive seen and watched have been really good and enticing. My only worry is the fit, particularly the wide nature of these boots. Ive been wearing mercurials, adizeros all my life, and enjoyed wearing the first version of the preds lz sl’s quite a lot. I dont know if these shoes are for me regarding the fit… i dont think i have wide feet at all, nor narrow feet if ever. Would you suggest that i still try my luck in these or stick with the silos that i wear now? Would the wide nature of the boot be something that could bother me a lot? Can someone with narrow-to-normal feet wear and enjoy these boots? Thanks! P.S. sorry for the really long comment Josh 🙂

  12. Which would you pick between the new adizeros samba vs the puma evopower ? Please answer back im kinda new to futbol boots.

  13. When do you think the full written review will be up Josh? Thanks

  14. do you plan on doing an evopower 2 review?

  15. Hey Josh I have wider feet and I can fit into nike t90 laser. Could I fit in puma evopower?

  16. josh hypervenom or evopower is better

  17. How are the evo power? I wear a size 11.5 in the nitrocharge and the fit is perfect what size should I get in these pumas?

  18. Hey Josh! I just love your reviews,keep them up. I jut had this question that are evopowers comfortable to wear and is there a break in time for them. I currently wear the Predator Lz In size 9.5 US,what size would you recommend me to order the evopowers. Cheers!

  19. any chance of you getting in the AG versions. I understand that there’s no G.S.F on the AG stud pattern but apparently the AG versions have a harder outsole which removews the need for an insole.

    • The problem with the AG version is that nobody seems to be carrying it in North America. I do eventually want to bring a pair in for review.

  20. Hi Josh,

    Excellent review. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen a more indepth review from you, or a higher score than the evopower. I’ve been thinking about getting these for a long time but wanted to wait for your written review.

    I wear a size 10US Nike Hypervenom but found that after sustained use (4 months) they stretched a bit and lost a bit of that tightness. It resulted in having about 1cm extra space in the toe-box. You actually recommended that I go down half a size.

    So as you say you should go a half-size up in these boots, meaning they fit small, should I stick to my usual size considering that my usual size in the hypervenoms were a bit big? I also went up half a size in the CTRs and found them also to be a bit big.

    Thanks a lot for your reviews

  21. hey josh
    can you kindly do a review on the mizuno AF K2 please!!
    i got a pair of these and just wanted your views on it
    thanks heaps

  22. Hi Josh,
    great review but I do find one thing strange. You say that it is not an overly wide boot but all the other reviews I’ve seen say it is very wide and has one of the widest lasts on the market.
    Do you think that the sizing you chose had anything to do with this as in the video you say your toes are right at the edge which is a lot tighter than a lot of people go for sizing?

    • I don’t understand how word got out that this is a wide boot. You can check out my unboxing videos, where I put the shoes on my feet, and its clear to see that this is not a wide boot. I went half a size up, as I do with many Puma models, leaving no extra space at the toe. I have average width feet and the fit in the width is what I would describe as snug. Watch the video and see for yourself.

  23. I wear size 8.5 US on the vapour 9s what size should I get on the evopowers

  24. Does it actually help you get a better more accurate and powerful shot

  25. Hey josh i red your review for the evopower 1.U have written that someone may run into stud pressure problems when playing on hard ground.Will i run into the same problem with hypervenom phantoms

  26. Hi josh I wear a size 10 in puma evospeed 1.2 and they were small on my feet so I bought a pair of puma king sl in 10.5 and te fit was good. I also wear a size 10 in f50 leather and they fit perfectly. What size should I get in the evopowers? Thanks

  27. Hi Josh I wore these for the first time today for a period of about 3 hours with Trusox on and I have suffered from blisters on each heel slightly to the right. The boot itself is the Soft Ground version and is fitted to my foot the same as any other boot I wear. Just wondered if you think it may be the pads inside the Trusox rubbing on my heel giving me blisters or the boots themselves?

  28. Hey Josh,

    I got evopower one. One problem I have with this issue is the stud pattern, leaving me thinking if I should return the shoe.

    I am more used to have uniform stud patterns, like all conical or all blade. After trying the shoe I home, I found that the stud pattern is a little unbalanced, especially the second stud on lateral side is blade stud and inside is conical stud, the length and width of those two studs are different. When I push off, I feel more grip from the second blade stud than from those conical studs, leaving a bit unbalance feeling, as I think more grip should from toe box area instead of lateral side, what are your thoughts on this? Would this cause balance issue?

    Thanks for answering my question.

    • I didn’t have any problems at all, in fact I found the stud pattern to be quite good. The problem that you’re having seems to be more mental than an actual problem with the shoe. You’re just thinking about it too much. Concentrate on playing, and this shouldn’t be a problem.

  29. I am having trouble choosing the best shoe for me I know I will eat her buy the puma evopower 1, addidas preadator lz2, samba pack edition, or the addidas f50 samba pack edition. I want a shoe with a bare foot feel, that aids u in first touch and also aids u in grip on the ball .i I don’t don’t really care about the protection the shoe gives u or the weight but I want a shoe that helps grip, first touch, and has a bare foot feel. Please tell me what I should get thanks for the help and keep up the superb work it is really helpful and appreciated

    • If you’re looking for a barefoot feel, out of the bunch you named, the F50 adizero sounds like the best fit. All great boots though.

  30. I love your website and your youtube Channel. Are you going yo review the umbro Geo flare?

  31. Hi. What is the most comfortable boot on the market except from copa and nike premier?

    • Comfort is based mostly on preference. Some people find shoes like the Copa extremely comfortable, while other find something like the Nike Mercurial Vapor 9 to be very comfortable, even though the fit and feel of both shoes are exact opposites. Unfortunately there isn’t really and answer to your question. Check out the written reviews on my site for any shoe that you’re interested in, and based on that information you should be able to choose a boot that you will be comfortable wearing.

  32. Hi Josh,

    First of all, you’ve done a good job giving an in-depth review about soccer equipments. I’ve used your guide for so many of my purchases to date. Anyway, I’m interested to buy an Evopower for myself but it’s sold out here in Malaysia hence I didn’t get to try it on for sizing. I wear most of my boots in 9UK. Both Hypervenom and LZ 2 is perfect in 9UK. When you mentioned going half size up for these Evopower, should I go up a half size as well? Thanks for your time! Keep up the excellent work!

    • UK sizing is inconsistent going from brand to brand. 9UK in the Hypervenom Phantom is a 10US and 9UK in the LZ 2 9.5US, so technically you’re wearing half a size bigger in the Hypervenom. If you’re happy with the fit of you Hypervenoms in the length, you should be just fine with the same size in the evoPOWER 1.

  33. Do you prefer shooting in the hypervenoms or the evo powers
    And what about first touch and playing in the rain

    • I prefer the slightly more cushioned feel of the evoPOWER personally. The wax-like finish of of the Phantom I thought felt pretty good in wet playing conditions, but either way if its wet, everything will be more slick no matter what shoes you’re wearing.

  34. Hi Josh,

    Got my Evopowers already, I went a half size up and it fits perfectly. I felt there’s a hint of stud pressure but I was not a field anyway so I can’t say much. I have a slight problem with the shoes though. The laces are quite long for my liking, is there a way to tie it up effectively or do I have to cut the laces?


  35. Hey josh i have wide feet do u think i can get the predators samba edition?

    • It depends. It certainly isn’t a narrow boot, but since there are so many rubber elements on the boot, it doesn’t stretch very much, especially in the forefoot.

  36. Is this the highest rated boots you have reviewed? Seems it edges the hypervenoms and mercurial vapor ix due to the extra mark in durability. Aside from that there’s not much to split them?

  37. Hey josh, I wear 10.5 on the nike premier, they fit perfect, not too loose not too tight, what size should I get for the evopower ?

  38. Hi josh love your reviews, I want to purchase a pair of evopower 1 but I am waiting for the new colour way to come out. Do u know when they will be on the market ? Thanx

  39. Hey josh, i recently ordered the puma evospeed sl in 10.5 and they turned out to be a half size big, what size do you recommend for me to get in the evopowers?
    Please help it would mean a lot

  40. Hey Josh! I’m thinking about buying a pair of these. I mainly play on artificial grass, and I saw that you said that any FG boots shouldn’t be used on artificial grass, so it made me wonder, that does the AG version of the boot somehow change the flexibility of the soleplate, since the stud pattern is different from the FG? And if should somebody use the FG boots on artificial grass, how effectively does it reduce the durability of the shoe? Thanks.

    • I don’t have any experience with the AG version of the evoPOWER 1, so I can’t say too much, but I don’t see the soleplate being too far off from the standard FG version.

  41. Hey Josh! Firstly just want to say I absolutely love your website, long time fan. Secondly quick question, in terms of width are the evopowers similar in the fit\width to that of the Nike laser iv? Really appreciate if this question could be answered 🙂

  42. Hi josh,
    what size should I get in the evopowers if i have size 6 UK in the predators?

  43. Will you be doing a review on the new black on black leather edition of the evoPOWER 1?

  44. Can you please get the EVOpower in ag?

  45. Hi Josh! thanks for the crystal clear in-depth review of these cleats. It helps me a lot on eliminating my options for my next cleats. However, I still have a few of them on the list, and I think I need your opinion to finally decide on “the one pair”. Here it goes:

    Puma Evopower 1, Nike Hypervenom Phantom, Adidas Predator LZ 2 SL or Under Armour Blur Carbon 3 Leather.
    I just want a pair of cleats that feel comfortable to play on till the final whistle, taking into account the overall feature of them on touches, shooting, etc.

    Please share some of your thoughts and opinion.

    And, one interesting question for you, If you’re only given a chance to have only one cleat throughout a season, which pairs you’d go for?


    • Right now, I’m really into the evoPOWER 1 right now, but all four shoes that you named are great and also very different when it comes to feel.

      • Thanks for the reply Josh,
        Let say Evopower 1 is your number 1 pick on the list, which one would you go next as a 2nd choice

  46. Hi Josh!

    First of all thanks for the great review. But i also wonder if you would recommend these camo boots or the Hypervenom Phantoms Black/White/Neo Lime?

    • They’re both amazing shoes when it comes to performance, but my preference would be the evoPOWER 1, simply because I prefer something with a slightly more padded feel. Both are great options, no matter which one you go for.

  47. Did EvoPower camo and the usual EvoPower feel same when you wore them?

  48. Hi josh great review, just curious about the sizing, i wear a size 12 US in my hypervenom phantoms and they fit perfect with no free space but also not very tight, what would you recommend i do witht he puma evo powers?

  49. I wear a size 10/10.5 UK in mercurial vapors, which size would you reccomend I order in the evopowers?

    • Which size, half a size makes a big difference.

      • I have a pair of 10.5 UK Veloces which have about half a centimeter room in the toe box, But I have a pair of Vapor VIIIs which are a size 10 UK and fit pretty snug

  50. Hi Josh
    I would really like your opinion on something. I’m a centre midfielder (more holding than attacking but I do get forward) and I’m thinking of buying either the evo powers or the predator lz 2. Which one would you reccomend for me?

    • Your position has absolutely nothing to do with what boots you should wear. You need to pick shoes based on your preferences when it comes to feel, rather than basing your decision off of which boot is “marketed” for you position/playing style.

  51. Im stuck between evopower and predator lz2? Which would you go for

    • They’re both very different, and it really comes down to what type of feel you’re looking for. If you want something with more of a barefoot feel, go for the evoPOWER. If you want something with lots of grip on the ball, go for the LZ 2.

  52. Is the upper in the evopower gonna stretch lengthwise?

  53. i got myself some Evopowers the other week, the fit and the material are unbelievable, loving them right now. much better then the evospeeds i previously wore

  54. Hey Josh I’ve been looking at these boots for a while. I really want them but I’m not sure about the fit. I have been wearing a pair of CTR and the fit in size was perfect width wise. Do you think the evo powers will fit me? And I have a friend that was wearing and a stud broke off. have you seen any problems like that?Thank You

    • You’ll fit just fine in the evoPOWER 1. I haven’t had any problems with my pair at all, and I have been wearing them pretty consistently for about two months now.

  55. Are they good for a winger?

  56. Hi Josh, I’m really stuck between choosing the hypervenom phantom, evopower 1 or adizero f50 as my new soccer cleat. Which one would you reccomend

  57. Hey Josh. Great review! I was looking for a review that handles thoughts on durability, and you did that well. I do have a question though. what material is the studs made out of? do they feel relatively soft? or hard? I tend to play on both 3g AG and grass. Currently use ctr 360 maestris and they perform great on both.

    I just want to make sure that if I buy the Evopower FG , it’ll hold up for the times I’m playing on 3g 🙂

  58. hey josh, i remember quite awhile back you did a power test video with a speed gun on the then current “power” soccer cleats. i was wondering if you could do an updated one with the mizuno wave ignites 3, puma evoPOWER, predator lz 2, Pele 1970 and the vapor 9 for comparison .It would be greatly appreciated.

  59. Hey Josh, i play indoor all the time and i wear a pair of nike fc247 lunar gato ii size 11 US, i’m interested in getting a pair of evopower 1 since i will play on an outdoor league soon. I used to have a pair of mercurial vapor 8 size 10.5 and they were kind of tight so what would you recommend?

  60. Great, GREAT shoe.
    Only drawback is on the AG version, when the artificial grass is wet, the traction is poor.
    Not enough grip, and you will slip and fall a lot. Really annoying since i enjoy this boot in every other way. 🙂

    • Wet AG fields are slippery no matter what shoes are on your feet. Its hard to grip wet plastic.

      • Yeah, really can`t argue that in wet weather it will be easier to slip. And i accept that, it`s just that in my personal experience, i have slipped a lot more in the Evopower.
        More than in my Hypervenoms or even the LZ 2, both with different AG studpattern.

  61. Hi Josh I love everything you do and I go by your word on everything for soccer footwear. The new line of Evopower and Evospeed cleats just were released and Im going to pick up a pair. I don’t know which to get. Im a midfield player that dribbles more than shoots and comfort is very important to me. Which pair of cleats should I get? Also, I fit perfectly snug into size 9 synthetic adizeros, do I go for size 9 or size 9.5 for Puma? Thanks for your help

  62. Hey I’m looking at getting the new evoPower 1 tricks and I was wondering if they are the same shoe just in a different colorway or if there are different “techspecks” that go along with the new release

  63. i am thinking on getting a pair of these, but i have a pair of hypervenoms in a size 10US, they have stretched a little and aren’t very tight anymore any ideas on what size i should get?

    • From what I understand, you’re wearing a 10US in the Hypervenom Phantoms,and you feel like they’re too big. If you think you could go half a size down in the Phantoms, then I would go for a 10US in the evoPOWER 1.

  64. Okay last thing my foot is really annoying to size it is right inbetween 11-11.5US what should I go with 11.5 then?

  65. Hey Josh i order this in 9 and i use a pair of ctr and i wear 9 to but in the ctr i have like 1 cm of space or 1,5 cm its that ok? thaks

  66. How about the AG version?

  67. Hey Josh, really enjoying the content that you put out, thanks for the effort. Btw, is the evopower a good shoe to use in wet weather conditions?

  68. Hey Josh i have been checking out your videos for a long time and I have a quick question about this boots (cleats) how big is the toe box? My toe is really big for example in the ctr maestri 3 i had a lot of problems and i never could break in does shoes because my toe hurts a lot when i play in them, please help!

    • I find the evoPOWER 1 to be extremely comfortable. The anatomical shape of the toe box does make it feel a little wider and doesn’t seem to squeeze your foot and toes as much as other synthetic boots.

  69. Hey Josh,

    I wear a size 12US in the tiempo legend 4 and its a perfect fit, what size would you recommend for the evo power tricks color way?

    • Ideally you would want a 12.5US, but I’m not sure that they make that size. If your Tiempos in a 12 fit perfectly, with no space at the toe, then you should go half a size up in the evopower, but if you have some extra space in your current shoes, then you could probably stick with a 12US.

  70. Hey Josh!Would you recommend the Mercurial Veloce or Evopower 1 in terms of comfort and striking the ball?

  71. So you at saying you will recommend the EvoPOWER over the Mercurial Veloce?

  72. Are they the best football boots ever? Because this football boots received the highest score of all.

  73. HEY Josh!!! Love your reviews!! I currently wear a size 7.5 US in the adidas predator lz 2. Would you recommend going for a size 8 US? Thanks!

  74. Would you recommend this or the Magista Obra?

  75. Will I be able to use FG on artificial grass for EvoPOWER 1?

  76. Hey Josh, I have a size 10 uk in Hypervenom phantoms, and they fit with about 8mm room in the toe box, An I was thinking of ordering the new evopower tricks boots, so which size should I get in them? Thanks

  77. Hey Josh, I’ve been looking into the Puma EvoPower1. After doing some research I have been surprised to see that the “Ombre Blue” color way is significantly cheaper than that of the red. Is there any reason for this? I know this might come off weird, but if you could respond that’d be great!

  78. Hi Josh,

    Excellent review.
    I am searching for these in AG model everywhere and can’t find them. Please help me find some online!!! I love these boots!

  79. You personally prefer the Mercurial Vapor X or Evopower 1 or Tiempo 5Legend?

  80. May I know how does the coupon code work?how does the price decrease with a coupon code?

  81. so do I still have to pay for shipping fees+$199?

  82. This seems like the highest rating shoe!In love with it!Really want to get it online..With the coupon code,do I still have To pay the $200+shipping fee?Also,do you personally like the World Cup or red colourway?

  83. Hey I’m planning to pick up a pair of these online. I’m currently wearing a size 8 in the ctr maestri 2 and it has a nice snug fit with about half a thumb of space between my toes and the tip of the shoe (May have stretched because I’ve used them for so long). What size would you recommend for the Puma evoPower(synthetic unless you recommend leather)? And also what it your favorite color way currently out on the market.

  84. If I use the coupon code,do I still have to pay the $200+shipping fees?

  85. Is the ombre blue upper colorway a official colorway? I have found it on a few sites but it’s not listed on pumas website.

  86. Hey I am really torn on which boot to get, evopowers, magistas, or instincts . What is your personal preference as of right now and why? Thanks

  87. Josh, is this soleplate any similar to, in my opinion, the best soleplate out there, the soleplate of the Blur Carbon 4? Thank you for SO much help, you helped me know a boot that is perfect for me in any aspect!

  88. Hey Josh,

    Rarely do you see any Center backs wearing Nike Mercurial Vapors. However, it is one of my favorite boots due to its fit and touch. Based on your experience with boots, which boot would you recommend based upon similarity. Preferably Nike Magista or Tiempo.


    • If you like Mercurials, wear Mercurials. Your position on the field and the shoes you wear on your feet have nothing to do with each other. Soccer cleats are about feel, and if you like the feel of Mercurials, than that’s what you should go for.

  89. Hey Josh,just wandering if I want to buy the shoes online,do I have to buy the shoes for $200+shipping price even with the coupon?Is there anyway I can customize my shoe?

  90. hi josh just find your reviews to be absolutely amazing. anyway, i had a look at the Evopower ,Veloce, F50 adizero and the top end predators(the ones that had the design before the battle pack series) and want a boot with a tight(tightish) fit that are light weight and are great for shooting( just like the t90 laser 3) and durable.can you please recommend a shoe like this, and if some other shoe strikes your mind you can tell me about that too.can you please recommend a size for that as well, i wear a predator top model size size us 11.5

    • If you want something similar to the Laser 3, the Predator LZ 2 or Predator Instinct would be you’re best option. Even the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 is a boot to consider.

  91. I currently have the vapor 9 in a size 8.5 US, after watching the video and reading the review, would my best fit would be a size 9 US? Also can you try to review the evoPOWER grafitti colorway soon, I am interested in the special design aspects. Thanks!

  92. I am new to soccer cleats. I have purchased Adidas 11pro 2 trx fg size 11, My normal shoe size is 11d. I have worn them in the house for a couple of hours and so could still potentially return them. I tend to prefer shoes with a wide toe box and these cleats pinch my little toe and the two next to it. I have about 5/8″ of space or more ahead of my big toe and I assume I would not want more than that? I am wondering if this Taurus leather will break in enough to give these small toes some room. Would you recommend these Evo’s as a potentially better fit or a Diadora Maracana RTX12 or a Power Cat 1.10 or a Mizuno Morellia? Thanks!

    • They’ll definitely stretch a little in the forefoot/toe area. As long as they aren’t painful to wear, just snug, than you should be just fine after a couple hours of wear time.

  93. Hi Josh! Just wanted to ask you, in the play test video, you said the Evopowers were fun to wear. Did you mean that as you got great performing results, or the comfortable feel of the boots? Thanks again!

  94. Which ones do you prefer and why? The puma evoPOWER 1 or the ctr360 maestri iii? Thanks it would help and mean alot.

  95. Hi Josh im size 9 US in my puma evospeed 1.2 (leather) and i was wondering if this puma evopower run in the same size? and what size do you recomend me? thanks and keep the good job!!

  96. Puma evopower or the ctr360 maestri iii? Preference? I need an answee dude. Thanks

  97. Hi Josh! Another question. Top-model Nike boots have ACC to help control in different conditions, how do top-model boots from Puma fare in different conditions? Do they have any sort of mechanism to enhance control in the different conditions?

  98. hi josh

    do you think these studs evo power c is the stud of the year? why there are not many players who wear their

  99. Will the puma evo power 1 work if my feet are growing and I have little extra space in there for my feet to grow?

  100. Hey, this might be a stupid question but from the photos the black and red evopowers look like they have a bit of a sparkly effect. Is this really noticeable? if at all?


    • They have the same sparkle effect as all of the evoPOWERs. I would say its most noticeable on the black colorway in comparison to all of the other ones that I’v seen in person.

  101. hi josh puma doesnt make evopowers in size 12.5 US and i wear a size 12 in my hypervenoms they fit well. should i get a size 13 in evopowers or size 12? please let me know

  102. Hey, I play in England, so I’ll probably need soft ground boots and firm ground. However I have two questions, the first being whether these boots are at least thick enough to withstand any questionable challenges or can at least take being stepped on in a game, I like to go on mazy runs as a midfield player and I just want to know how they feel on the receiving end of a challenge in comparison to other boots.

    My other question is whether getting soft ground boots with removable studs and replacing them with firm ground studs has any effect on boot performance, is it unsuitable to do for certain types of boot? I’d like to hear a trusted opinion.

    • They’re on the thinner side as far as cleats go, but the AccuFoam padding provides some protection across the top of the foot. I do not recommend using FG stud in an SG boot. SG is for soft ground and FG is for firm ground. If you’re playing on both types of playing surfaces, its best to have one of each.

  103. My feet are still growing and I was wondering if I should get a size to fit me or a size I can grown in? And if I grow in them will they still flex/bend if there is a little room in the cleats?

  104. Which shoe has the best touch IN YOUR OPINION

  105. So if you play on both firm ground and turf you shouldn’t get these cleats?

  106. hi, I’m looking for Puma EvoPower 1’s in a size UK11.5. Can’t find them anywhere..

    • That’s one of those sizes that they don’t always produce. You can’t find them anywhere because its very possible that Puma doesn’t make them in that size. You either have to go with an 11 or 12 if you want the evoPOWER 1.

  107. I’m deciding on either the Camp colorway or the launch color way. Which color way would you prefer?

  108. Camo*

  109. I wear size 9.5 US on the predator lz2 absolion what size should I get on the evopowers

  110. Hey Josh, love your videos, they’re really great and a big help to me picking a pair of cleats. My main question was that I really like the EvoPower 1s and your reviews of them have been very helpful, but I’m not a fan of any of the color ways, aside from the arsenal tricks ones, and the pink and blue tricks ones. The only problem is that I can’t seem to find those available anywhere. Do you know of a place where I’d be able to buy them?

  111. Hey Josh I’m thinking of getting the evopowers and I wear a size 11.5 and when I tried them it fits perfectly so my question is go to half size up or stayed at the same size?

  112. Hey josh I’m thinking of getting a pair of these puma EvoPower 1’s, but I play on natural grass as well as on AG. Would you reccomend me getting these or is there another boot out there that would handle that better?

    • There really isn’t a shoe out there designed for both natural grass and artificial playing surfaces. Ideally you would want one pair for each surface with the correct stud pattern. So, to answer your question, the evoPOWER 1 is a great boot, but I do not recommend wearing the FG version on AG.

  113. Can you please tell which do you prefer? The evoPOWER or the predator instinct? And which has the better shooting experience?
    Thanks as i am looking for a good boot with a good striking surface.

  114. Hey, I have a size 7,5 UK in Hypervenom phantoms, and they fit with about 9mm room in the toe box. Which size should I go for in evopowers?

  115. Hey josh, firstly I know in the end it is up to me but I would like your opinion on whether I should get the vapor x or the evopower 1. I have very skinny feet however i have to wear half orthotic things in my boots, so they make my foot relatively wide in the forfoot. So I am worried that vapor x may b to tight. Thanks jacob

  116. Hey Josh great reviews. I’m going to share your site with all my soccer friends.

    I been a Puma guy for more than 10 years. I use the v speeds 1.10 now and have not found a Puma show that I have liked better than those. I use the EVO Speeds for Ultimate Frisbee and find them amazing so light. Also have the 2nd year power cats in leather I just don’t think I’m a leather guy.

    Anyways Your review of the EVO Power helped me a lot about the technology they have. I think I would like them.

    Do you know if any places are still selling the Blue Camos?

  117. Hi can you do a review please of the penalty s11 boots

  118. Hi Josh, how smooth is the touch on the evoPOWER 1s? In other words, in wet and muddy conditions, would the ball slip over the boot or would you get more grip? Furthermore, what is the best boot for wanting quite a rough touch? Is it something with ACC? Or an Adidas model perhaps?

    • The evoPOWER 1 upper is pretty slick no matter what, but that can be said about a lot of smooth synthetic uppers. If grip on the ball is what you’re looking for, then the Predator Instinct may be something to consider.

  119. I am considering the evopower 1s as my next pair of footballshoes, and in my ctr360 maestri 3s ag in a size 8.5 us i fit perfect lengthwise, but right in the arch, i have a bit of space that makes the boot fit not as good as it could have been. So i was wondering, does the evopower have a slimmer midfoot than the ctr’s? And which size should i go for to have about 1-1,5 cm growing room?

  120. Are the evopower mixed sole sg ok to on a 3G/artificial pitch?

  121. Is the evopower a good boot to play in wet conditions compared to boots with ACC?

  122. I have narrow feet. For example when I wear the legend 4’s the lace holes would basically touch from each end when I tighten the shoe, but vapours and hypervenoms seem perfect. I was wondering if I would have any issues with the evopower 1’s concerning the width. thanks.

  123. Is puma evopower 3 fg durable? And what about its comparison with Adidas nitrocharge 1.0 in blue. Please reply which is better and how long will evopower 3 last??

  124. Hey Josh! I wear a 8us in 11 pros and an 8.5 us in predators. Both fit me perfectly (toes at the end in both). What size should I get in the evopowers, since they run a half size big?

  125. hey josh, would you recommend puma evopower 1 or nike magista obra for a center midfielder ?

    • They’re both great shoes, and it really depends on what type of feel that you’re looking for. Your position has nothing to do with the decision. Check out this video for more info on the topic

  126. Hey josh, i have 11.5 on the ctr360 maestri iii, what size should I pick for this ones?

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