Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 AG (Artificial Grass) Just Arrived


Joshua Vujovic (1117 Posts)

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  1. Josh , when do you think we can read your comments about these shoes?
    thanks for your answer
    really like your reviews

  2. Is there a difference between AG and turf?

    • AG generally refers the artificial surface that is made of plastic blades of grass and small rubber pellets. Turf is a more general term, that simply implies an artificial surface.

  3. has it got good arch support? the nike tiempo AG i currently have are awful. have you tried the low profile insoles on this boot? does it affect the fit/ striking the ball?

    • Most soccer shoes don’t offer any kind of arch support, they’re all flat for the most part. Something from Asics might be something to consider for at least some kind of support, if you feel that you need it. I’ve tried a few different after market insoles, and the problem is always that they work with a very limited amount of shoes. They’re generally much more bulky than the stock insoles, and definitely will have a major impact on the fit. Check out this video on the SuperFeet insoles that I reviewed

  4. Hey Josh,

    Long time viewer and competative soccer player. I just moved to California and I have discovered that basically every field I play on is the turf with the rubber pellets. While I’m use to the occasional game on the artificial surface having every training session on turf made me curious about the AG studs. The FG studs make it feel like I’m walking on stilts sometimes when on the turf but I’m cautious because I never have worn AG shoes before. Do they feel the same as their FG counterpart?

    Thanks man

    • That feeling will go away with AG studs. They aren’t as long, making for a lower, more stable feel, while still maintaining great traction. Based on what you described, AG shoes are the way to go.

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