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Trusox Performance Socks Review

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There are very few football products currently on the market that everybody and anybody could benefit from – Trusox is one of those products. Socks are the one piece of kit that always get overlooked and are predominantly viewed as “unimportant”. Trusox have made a splash in the soccer world, however, with several big-name professionals like Gareth Bale, Demba Ba and Emmanuel Adebayor endorsing the product and wearing it on a regular basis, with more and more pros giving them a try every week.


Socks as a whole haven’t really changed much over the years. Apart from slightly better quality materials and some extra padding to increase comfort, the same problem has remain unsolved – that problem is slippage. The soft fabrics used to build your average performance socks are very slippery against any surface they come in contact with. Sliding across the floor in your socks might be fun when you’re not wearing shoes, but when the boots are on, slippage is not welcome.

What makes Trusox so special is the non-slip applications on both the inside and outside of the sock, allowing the sock to grab hold of your foot, and prevent any kind of slippage within your shoe. The grips span the entire bottom of the foot, as well as around the back of the heel, covering all parts where slippage could occur. They are made up from a similar material to what you find on the grip of a golf club, providing solid grip with whatever surface it comes in contact with, even if it gets wet.


You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a sock could make such a big difference, but trust me when I say that Trusox will definitely have an impact on how your boots feel. With a regular sock, the only benefit that you’re getting is a comfortable feel, but there is a major lack of grip between your foot and the sock, as well as between the sock and your shoe. This allows for slippage inside of your shoe, making for a less responsive feel, and can also cause blisters. When you wear your boots for the first time with a pair of Trusox, you’ll be shocked at how much better they fit and how sure-footed you’ll feel.

The first time that you put them on, you’ll definitely notice the Trusox have a unique feel about them, but not in a bad way. Also keep in mind that you do have the choice between thick and thin sock varieties, as well as three different cuts; ankle length, mid-calf length and soccer length. The outside of the socks grip the inside of your boots, not allowing your foot to slide around when making quick, explosive changes of direction. This not only makes your boots feel more responsive, but also increases stability. One thing to note is that the Trusox must be in direct contact with your skin and the inside of your shoe, so wearing two pairs of socks is not recommended unless both pairs are Trusox.


There’s a reason why so many professionals are choosing to wear Trusox. Football boots are a tricky piece of equipment because it can be very difficult to get a perfect fit, and what makes Trusox such a great product is that they guarantee you the feel of having the perfect fit – a superb performance accessory for football, or any sport.


  1. This is truly a fantastic product. But are these machine washable and can they be put in the dryer? Please get back to me as soon as you can Josh! I would hate to ruin such a nice (and extremely expensive) pair of sock!!

  2. Which do you prefer, the cushoned or the thin?

  3. Trusox are great, however did anyone else receive blisters when wearing them. I think its because of the abrasive application thing they put on it. It tore my skin up and caused me to get blisters on my heel and balls of my feet. Josh, I was wondering what I should do. Should I continue to wear them because may be my skin will eventually harden up and get used to them or do you think I have a faulty pair

  4. Hi, josh, thanks for the video!
    Really wanna buy few pairs. However TRUSOX has Soccer Length as well, is it cushioned or thin???

  5. Hey Josh!
    I’m wearing a US 9 in football boots so should I get the Sox in Medium or Large?
    I know that the suggestion is Large but i’m not sure yet

  6. what websites would you recommend I buy the trusox off of. I see your link goes to but they only have the black thin ones. I am looking for the cushioned ones in white or maroon but I cant find them on any site. Do you know any I could get them from?

    • Looks like they’re stock is low. I know for sure you can get white ones from the official trusox website.

  7. Hi Josh,

    I spoke to and they told me that they will no longer be carrying trusox.

    Do have a link to the official site and other retailers that may carry them. ( I ask this specifically for the North American consumers.)


  8. On the TRUSOX website, it doesn’t tell you if they are cushioned or thin. How are you supposed to know what the are?

  9. Do you know what the sizing is for the trusox? Because there are MEDIUM and LARGE sizes for them and I dont know which one will fit my feet well, my foot size is 11-11.5.

    Please respond to this fast cause im in a big hurry with buying these socks!!!

  10. Josh What website can I get all the trusox colors in

  11. I really want all the colors

  12. Thank you so much josh

  13. i just ordered some black trusox. i got a size medium and i where a size 8.5 us mens. i did this because i wear a size medium in nike elite series socks and it fits much more comfortably was this a mistake to order medium size trusox?

  14. JUST ordered a pair of trusox

  15. HEy Josh i wear a size 9.5 to 10 should I get Large or Medium Trusox?

  16. i really love my new TRUSOX, but I’m looking for a good tape to put over the sock. I saw in your video you mentioned premier sock tape. Could you tell me where to get this tape?

  17. ^^^^^ i have this same question

  18. Hey josh about how long do you think a pair of trusox will last ?

  19. Are the dark blue trusox royal or navy? Thanks

  20. Hey josh do you know of some good tape to use and where to get it?

  21. Hey josh, I like my shoes to have a perfect fit, like you, are these socks thick enough to cause a tighter more constricting fit inside the shoe? Or at least from what you have experienced does it feel like that?

  22. Hey Josh do you know where I can find sock Tape ?
    It would be very Helpful
    thank you

  23. Hi I’ve got a quick question. The nike sports socks that most footballers wear, are they the equivalent thickness, to the thin or cushioned trusoz?

  24. hey josh i was wondering what size i should get for trusox. Some websites say size 9 US are medium but others are saying to get large.

  25. I was wondering if these trusoxs helped with stud pressure felt from certain cleats like the hypervenom phelon?

  26. hey josh I had just ordered a pair in large cause I’m a 8.5 but my boot is at an 8 but I have no discomfort in either sizes from 7.5 8 and 8.5us

  27. im a size 8.5, now which do i get? is the medium one shorter in length than the large?

  28. Im a boot size 7 uk and am asking for your opini n on whether to order small or medium trusox? I like snug socks so should i go with small or jst go with medium? Thanks

  29. Hello josh i have a question. Does trusox affect the feel for the ball and the touch in a bad way?

  30. How do you wear these with the legguard from storelli? Do you wear the ankle or crew ones under the leg guard, or do they go over?

    Won’t it look weird if you put them under the leg guard unless you go for the full sock lengh to the knees?

  31. I wear 44 eu, what size would you recommend?

  32. Hey Josh as far as Trusox go I hear there some other socks called Falke that people say are just as good as Trusox I was wondering if you can tell your personal opinion on both socks please reply

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