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Nike Mercurial Blade Review


Joshua Vujovic (1117 Posts)

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  1. hi

    what are the key differences between this shin guard and the mercurial lightspeed?

    does the lightspeed fit more like the “nike hard shell” guard?

    • These are carbon fibre, where as the lightspeed features a plastic shell. The backing on the Blade is also much more premium feeling.

  2. Josh, I’m trying to buy new shin guards. Do you recommend this one or the C6 2nd generation?

    • The C6 Agility guards are quite simply the best shin guards on the market. Nothing at this point in time even comes close when it comes to fit, quality, weight and protection.

  3. are these bad shinguards? do u have a review?

  4. I wanted to get new shin pads and I was wondering which shin pad offered more protection, the Nike Mercurial Blade or the Nike Mercurial Flylite?

    • I don’t have nay first hand experience with the FlyLite yet, although I’m getting a pair very soon, so I can’t really comment on the overall protection of the guards. Stay tuned for more info on the FlyLite.

  5. Hey… I’m looking into some new shin guards and am conflicted. I’ve been looking into the mercurial blades, flylites, and new 2014 lites. I was considering getting the storelli bodyshield leguard if I was to purchase the lites as I know the sleeve it comes with using so good… Do you feel the leg guard makes your feet overheat and get all sweaty… Are they noticeably bulky… I am a younger player… U14 and I defiantly value speed. coverage is important always nice too as I defiantly use my larger size to my advantage when it comes to tackles. What do you recommend? Thanks.

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