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Nike CTR360 Maestri III Firm Ground Review

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Nike CTR360 Maestri III Firm Ground Review

The Maestri series from Nike was the first to bring the idea of a “control” boot to the world, and did it ever catch on. The Maestri also brought us the very first version of Kanga-Lite, an incredible synthetic material, made to feel like natural leather, with the added benefits of a synthetic, allowing for the best of both worlds. The differences between the first and second Maestri were very subtle, with the second model being simply a sleeker version of the original design. With the release of the Maestri III, it is plain to see that Nike have completely overhauled what many already considered to be the best. I was skeptical of the design change at first, but after having the opportunity to wear the boots, I can tell you that the Maestri III is honestly one of my new favourites, and long time fans of the Maestri will not be disappointed.


As far as the fit of the shoe is concerned, not much has changed from the previous model. The most noticeable difference when it comes to the fit and comfortability of the boot is the brand new Kanga-Lite 2.0. The material that turned so many towards the use of synthetics just got better. Then new Kanga-Lite is slightly thinner, much softer, and just feels so much more like actual leather than the previous Kanga-Lite did. When you hold the shoe in your hand and run your fingers across the upper, it is almost shocking at how leather-like the upper is. The original maestri offered a leather-like feel, where as the Maestri III feels like leather. From right out of the box, the upper is nice and soft, and when you slide the shoes on your feet and pull the laces tight, the shoe hugs your foot very comfortably. The heel and ankle collar are lined completely in suede, offering a soft, comfortable feel, while also providing very good grip to hold you heel in place. The laces are still positioned on the instep, a lacing pattern pretty much exclusive to the CTR360 line, and it still does a great job of securing your foot in place. This time around, there is a memory foam insert in the tongue, so any kind of lace-bite issues that you may have had on one of the previous models will not be an issue here. The insole no longer features the Poron inserts on the heel and forefoot, but instead is a solid foam insole, of about the same thickness. The reason for this is due to the new, more solid plastic soleplate. The soleplate is thinner than all of the other plastic soleplates that can be found on other models from Nike, but is much stiffer and much more responsive than then ones previously used. Since the soleplate is much firmer, stud pressure no longer becomes a concern, so the need for a heavily padded insole no longer becomes necessary. The Maestri III is such a comfortable shoe, and the fit is also fantastic.

It is hard to replicate the feel of soft, natural leather through a synthetic, and up until the Maestri III, I would argue that it couldn’t be done, but this new version of Kanga-Lite is truly remarkable. While the feel is still not exactly like natural leather, it comes incredibly close, and considering the added benefits of a synthetic, it is hard to argue against, even if you are a diehard leather guy. Just like a leather shoe, the Maestri III does have somewhat of a break-in time. The shoe will feel comfortable from right out of the box, but it won’t feel like it is “your” shoe, until you give it some time to wear-in. The softer Kanga-Lite has a little more stretch to it than the previous version did, allowing a more custom fit than you would normally get from a synthetic. As far as the width of the shoe is concerned, I would classify the boot as moderately wide, allowing for the boot to fit pretty much anybody. Unless you have unusually wide feet, you should have no issues fitting comfortably in the Maestri III. Sizing also remains the same as the previous model, fitting just a little bit differently than the other lines from Nike. They seem to fit about half a size small, so where I would normally wear a size 9US, I needed a size 9.5US in the Maestri III for a perfect fit. So if you are looking to order online, I would strongly recommend going up half a size. The Maestri III is a very comfortable shoe, and is the closest that you can get  a natural leather shoe, without the shoe actually being leather.


One of the more significant changes from the previous versions of the Maestri to the new model is the weight. The Maestri III weighs in at a lightweight 8.4oz, which is almost a full 2oz lighter than the previous model. I believe that the weight shed is mainly due to the new soleplate, which is much thinner, while also being stiffer and more responsive. What is amazing to me is that Nike have shaved away nearly 2oz, but the shoe does not feel stripped of anything that the previous model had. The shoe is in the same weight range as some “speed” boots, which is amazing given the solid feel of the shoe. I have always preached that weight isn’t everything, and it is not worth lowering the weight of the shoe if it means lowering the quality of the boot, but when the weight goes down and the quality stays at a high standard, like the Maestri III, I am all for having a lighter boot.


The Maestri III features an all new stud pattern, one that I feel is much better than the previous models. If there was one thing that I wasn’t a big fan of when it came to the CTR360 line, it had to be the stud pattern. The new stud pattern is a play on the Tiempo Legend IV stud pattern from Nike, offering a blend of conical and bladed studs. The concept behind the design is to have bladed studs included for grip, and rounded studs to allow for a quick release from the ground. If you look at the stud pattern you will notice that the inside studs in the forefoot and heel are bladed studs, with a rounded edge facing the outside. The half moon shaped studs, are designed to allow for a quick release from the ground, as your foot turns over when pushing off. Like I have described before, a conical stud pattern offer a more agile feel, simply because it allows for a little more of a rotating motion than a straight edged bladed stud would. The studs on the outside, again, the four studs on the forefoot and the two on the heel, are simply bladed studs, without the rounded edge. This is to allow for the maximum amount of grip, as well as to provide additional stability. There are also two bladed studs through the middle of the forefoot. So, how does the stud pattern feel? Honestly, it doesn’t feel too far off from the Legend IV stud pattern, which is one of my personal favorite stud patterns. while there are bladed studs in use, the blades themselves are very short, so they penetrate the ground very easily, but still allow for that agile feel that a conical stud pattern provides. On firm ground, the stud pattern is great, and even on hard ground, you are going to get a very responsive feel. The new soleplate also plays a large role in to overall feel of the stud pattern. The new soleplate is made from a much stiffer plastic, more rigid plastic, which allows the soleplate to thinner than your standard soleplate would be. This puts you close to the ground, allowing plenty of stability, and an overall great feel. Artificial surfaces are obviously a topic of discussion as well, and while the stud pattern will perform adequately on an artificial surface, I do not recommend doing so, for the simple reason of durability. The stud pattern is not designed for the highly abrasive surface that is turf, so using the Maestri III, or any firm ground shoe for that matter, your shoes will quite simply get destroyed, and quickly. All in all, I really like the new stud pattern on the Maestri III. It offers a nice blend of grip and manoeuvrability, a combination which you don’t see very often.

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Given that the Maestri III is designed as a “control” boot, one would expect the touch to be no less than spectacular, and that is exactly what you get. The Maestri has built a very strong reputation for offering a feel unlike any other shoe on the market, and that is mainly due to the Nike exclusive Kanga-Lite upper. The Kanga-Lite 2.0 that is used on the Maestri III improves dramatically over the previous model, offering a feel that is incredibly close to actual leather. The synthetic upper does an amazing job of providing that same level of softness that was previously found only from natural leather. The best way that I can describe it is that natural sponginess that leather has, and this version of Kanga-Lite is the only synthetic on the market that possesses this quality. So what does, the upper feel like? the simple answer is leather, it feels like leather, which is amazing. One major design change is the outside of the forefoot. Gone are the memory foam pods, which have been replaced by a small indentations in the upper, which are designed to add friction against the ball. Honestly, it isn’t what I would call a noticeable element on the shoe, and it is more for looks than anything. One new addition to the Maestri III is the ACC, all conditions control, coating on the upper. The coating is not visible, and you can’t even feel anything when rubbing your finger against the upper. It isn’t until you touch a ball that you realize that something is different about the Maestri III. The coating is designed to offer the same amount of grip, or feel, in dry and wet conditions, which is an interesting and very smart idea if you ask me. When you touch the ball, in dry conditions, for the first time, the shoe had a surprisingly abrasive feel to it. It through me off a little bit for the first half hour or so, but I soon got used to it, and began to like the feel. I also noticed that the amount of grip varied depending on the ball, where textured or dimpled balls, usually the more expensive match balls, tended to grip to the shoe a little bit more than a ball with a smooth outside surface. Like anything new, it will take a small amount of getting used too, but once you do, you won’t even notice it. As far as the performance of the upper in wet conditions, I can’t say that the feel is identical to playing in dry conditions, but there is a definite improvement in the amount of grip that you would normally get from a shoe without the ACC coating. Is it going to improve your touch in the wet? No, but it will make for slightly more confident touch on the ball in wet conditions. When they claimed an improved touch in wet conditions, I immediately thought about a shoe like the T90 Laser IV, with a completely rubber instep. If you want optimal grip in the wet, rubber is going to provide the most grip.

Another redesigned element on the Maestri III is the Pass Pad on the instep of the shoe. The element is comprised of eight individual strips of textured rubber all varying in size, shape and depth. The concept is to provide a surface that is a perfect cradle for the ball, for both passing and receiving the ball. You’ll notice that there are aggressive rubber fins starting on the outside of the element, with the fins decreasing in size until they disappear going towards the middle. This creates a very subtle rounded surface for the ball upon impact, which is a good idea. The overall feel of the element is pretty much just extra grip on the ball. There isn’t much bulk to the element itself, but the rubber does add a more solid feel against the ball. I personally am not a big fan of having very late rubber elements on my shoe, but I honestly did not mind having the rubber on the instep of the Maestri III. It makes for a solid feel when passing the ball, and upon receiving the ball, I like having that little bit of extra grip. Overall, the design of the Maestri III proves that you can design a shoe around “touch”. While I don’t feel like the Maestri III will improve your touch, nor will any shoe on the market improve any type of skill, I can say that the touch of the Maestri III is very, very good.


The Maestri III offers a very solid feel for striking the ball. The upper itself is very reminiscent of natural leather, so the feel that you get against the ball is nothing all that unique. The ACC coating is not abrasive enough to provide any noticeable amount of grip when striking the ball either. One stand out for me is the rubber element featured on the instep, with the rubber elements providing a nice solid surface while also proving a little bit of extra grip when striking the ball with the instep. The soleplate also provides plenty of stiffness when striking the ball, giving the shoe a very solid feel. Overall, the Maestri will not disappoint when striking the ball.


The Maestri III offer an average amount of protection. The padded upper will provide plenty of protection for pretty much anybody. If you are worried about your safety out on the field or just want to feel like you are covered just in case, the Maestri III will definitely provide that. One other thing to note is that the Maestri III is above average in protection if you consider how light the shoe is. The only other shoes that provide that much protection and are equally as light are the Puma Powercat 1.12 SL and the Adidas adiPure 11Pro SL.


The beauty of Kanga-Lite is that it has that premium leather feel, without the required maintenance of a natural material. Kanga-Lite requires no type of treatment to keep it soft, keeps its shape very well, absorbs little water and dries quickly. All of the flaws of leather that can have impact on the durability of the shoe, are not a concern when it comes to synthetics. Keep in mind that the shoe is not designed or intended to be used on any type of artificial surfaces, and use on these types of surfaces will have a major impact on the durability of the shoes. Should you wear these only on natural grass surfaces, you should have no issues with getting at least a seasons worth of play out of the Maestri III.

The Verdict

Nike took a big risk in changing a shoe that arguably did not need changing, but what they managed to produce is truly fantastic product. I always liked the Maestri series, but it was never a shoe that I personally wanted to wear. The Maestri III changes that, and is one of very few shoes that I truly want to wear. The new Kanga-Lite 2.0 is the closest thing to leather that you can get without it actually being the real thing, and with the extra elements added on, is one of my favourites ever in terms of feel. Partnered with the fit, reduced weight, stud pattern and low-profile soleplate, there is very little to complain about with the Maestri III. If you were thinking about getting the Maestri III, don’t hesitate, just go for it.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE63 out of 70 or 90%


  1. Im trying to pick between The Hypervenom Phantoms and the CTR360 Maestri 3. Ive done some research on both. I love the Nikeskin on the Hypervenoms but ive heard alot about its durability issues. The CTR360’s Kangalite is really nice plus the ACC feature. Although I hear breaking them in takes awhile. I dont know which one to pick. From your standpoint which would you pick Josh?

    • Both shoes feature ACC. They’re both great boots, its more a matter of choosing what type of feel that you prefer. If you want something more leather-like, go for the Maestri. If you prefer more of a barefoot feel, go for the Phantoms.

  2. I have the Adidas predator lz 2 and I want a nike soccer shoe just like it. I know it sounds odd but what would be the nike version of this shoe?

  3. Josh, i have the CTR 360 Reflective pack and i love the feel of them, but im wondering how long would it take for them to be broken in?

  4. Hey Josh! I really like your reviews and I’ve been subscribed and have watched your channel for about a year now. Great stuff! I had a question about these. I currently use the tiempo legend 4s and have been wanting to switch to the CTR360s but now that the Tiempo legend 5 has come out I’m not sure which to get. Could you make a review on youtube comparing the CTR360 Maestri 3 to the Tiempo Legend 4s. Or at the very least give me the pros and cons of each compared with each other and what you would prefer having used both. Thanks mate.

  5. Hey josh, I was wondering which shoe do you think is better overall the Predator lz 2s or the ctr360 maestri iii’s

  6. Hey Josh,

    I own a pair of Nike CTR360 Maestri III in the Hi-Vis colourway, and as you might already know, that version features the suede heel and ankle collar.

    So the issue is that when I’m done playing, that part of the shoe is very soaked in sweat, so I have to put them to dry outside; but that doesn’t seem to be enough as they still get that kinda sweaty smell. So I was wondering if you have faced the same issue, if so, how do you deal with it? or how could I deal with it?

    Great website, great Youtube channel. Thanks

    • This is something that will vary from person to person. Some people just have stinky feet, and stinky feet makes for stinky shoes. This isn’t a defect or something that is a common issue with this particular shoe. My suggestion would to make sure that you let them properly dry, don’t leave them in your bag, and remove the insoles when you aren’t using them. You may also want to look into getting some kind of sports equipment spray to help with cutting down on the smell if its that big of a problem.

  7. hey josh i just got my mercurial and there just not for me i also got trusox still plagued with blisters would you recommend the CTR or hypervenoms i reducing this and im looking for comfort and a nice costume fit so the shoe is part of my me thanks good reviews keep it up

    • Where were you getting blisters. You shouldn’t be getting blisters to the point where you can no longer wear the shoes, something must be wrong.

  8. I Have wide flat feet and i don’t know if i should get the maestris or the phantoms. are the hypervenoms actually ‘durable’? on nikes website is says the ctrs are better for dribbling. but im looking for speed touch/dribbling and shooting? plus durability. which should i choose?

    • No shoe is going to enhance your ability to dribble, shoot, run, that’s on you, not the shoes on your feet. If you have wide flat feet, the Nike Premier is probably the best option for you.

  9. Hey Josh, I have a slightly wide feet. My size is 8.5 us, I tried a pair of 9us in store, they feel just a little tight and I feel the shoe need stretch a little to be truly comfortable.

    Like your review, I feel the shoe is not “truly mine”, does maestri iii have a little stretch after breaking in and do you think I will feel more comfortable after some wear time?? I also tried 9.5us, they are more comfortable, and feels like no need breaking in at all. I do not like the colorway in store and want to order online.

    Thanks for your advice, the best soccer review site online, super work!

    • The upper will give a little, and as long as the 9US isn’t uncomfortable, I would stick with that size rather than going for a bigger size.

  10. Hi Josh. I want ask which shoe between the CTR360 and Hypervenom has the best grip and the biggest strike zone? Also, which colour of the CTR360 between the reflective pack and the chrome pack do you like the most?

    • Its not a matter of having a “bigger” strike zone, because both shoes that you mentioned are very different when it comes to feel, meaning that your decision should be based on what type of feel you prefer, thin or padded. My colorway preference would probably be the reflective pack.

  11. hey josh,
    i just got a pair of these in the mail today. the boot fit perfect on my left foot but a little tight, width-wise, on the right. obviously one of my feet is slightly bigger than the other but i just wanted to know if the kanga lite will give a little in width over time or if i should return and go up a half size. thanks for the help!

  12. Hey I’m thinking of getting some ctr 360 maestri or hypervenoms, I’m use to having a leather cleat and I like how leather feels, so what cleat would you recommend? Do the hypervenoms have a good upper for controlling the ball?

  13. Hey i was wondering why some models have a fabric like at the heel while others are synthetic?

  14. Alright mate, I’ve been looking for the nike ctr360 maestri iii (yellow/black/white) and I can’t seem to find them anywhere, any ideas? I live in the UK.

  15. I’m trying to figure out what size I should get, and many reviews say move half a size up. I had the Maestri II in 8.5 US (my shoe size) and it fit perfectly, what size would I want in the Maestri III?

    On a side note, I have wide feet and the Trequartista III was too narrow, so would the Maestri also be too narrow?

  16. hey josh i was wondering if i wear a 9.5us in hyper venoms if i get a pair of ctr360 should i go up a size??

  17. would you prefer to wear adipure iv or ctr 360 maestri III in terms of overall review of b oot

  18. Please can you give a comparison video Between The Nike Hypervenom phantoms and The Nike CTR360 Maestris?

  19. Hey Josh,
    I must say it’s pretty weird that you rate the CTR’s weight 9/10 (the same as on the Hypervenom review). The Hypervenom is slightly lighter, so I believe this is a mistake.

    • Its not a mistake. The rating is based on the weight of the boot considering its construction, comfort level, the type of feel it offers, and how light it is in comparison to boots that are similar. The scores at the end of my review have very little importance in terms of giving you performance information. The written part of the review is where the real information is, while the score is quite simply a summary, letting you know whether or not the shoe is good or bad.

  20. Hey josh, I just want to know how thin is the kangaroo lite synthetic?

  21. Hi josh!
    On my ctr360 II’s i’m currently wearing a size 8,5 us and they fit very thigt and i’m playing on Ag field and sometimes they are hurting my big toes. Are the size the same on the III’s? So should i go a half size up, on the III’s to a 9 us?

  22. hey josh! I’m due for a new pair of shoes soon, and i thought i’d either get some nike ctr360 maestri iiis, or t90 laser ivs. I have worn the t90 lasers before, I know the laser iv are discontinued, but i really liked the shooting element, and the stud pattern. In you opinion, which shoe should i get? (both shoes are comfortable to me)

    • They’re both great shoes, but personally I prefer the Laser 4. You can’t go wrong either way, it just depends on what you want.

  23. Hey josh, I was wondering that coming from a consistent leather adizero user in a size 8.5, that after break in fit perfect what size would you recommend, up half a size or a full size? Thanks and been a longtime fan, inspided me to become a tester myself great job keep it up!

  24. Josh I am currently wearing a pair of Maestri III’s in the reflective pack. Since they are discontinuing this line, I was wondering which cleat to look at next. I prefer leather cleats. Should I buy another pair of these? And which do you prefer, the Maestri III, or the Tiempo V?

    • There’s nothing wrong with getting a 2nd pair of Maestris if you really like them, but if you’re looking for the latest and greatest, the boot that is going to be most similar is definitely the Legend 5.

  25. Hey josh I am torn between maestri 3s or nitrocharge 1.0 I have found both on amazing deals on Lovell soccer I am a centre back and I know how u feel on boots by position but I want to know what has more protection? Thank u for making amazing vids on YouTube by the way massive fan

  26. Where i play the ground is pretty hard (sun baked kind) so will the stud pattern provide good traction and will they work? Plus will the ctrs have a better stud pattern than the nitrocharge. Thanks in advance. Eager to get a reply soon.

  27. Hey Josh, will nike sell the ctrs after the magistas are available to pre-order or after they release? or will they take it off the market once the magistas are available to pre-order/ released? because i really want some leather boots kind of feel but im hearing bad things about the Legend 5. And thanks for all the videos man. you’re great

  28. Hey I’m trying to decide between Adidas nitrocharge and CTR360, any suggestions? I’m looking for good touch.

  29. Is the stud pattern for the ctr360s good for temperamental weather? Because I live in the north of England, where the weather can be sunny, dry, or rainy, which obviously affects the softness or hardness of the ground. I just ordered the bright crimson colourway of the Maestri IIIs, only available in FG stud pattern, so would the traction be good for changeable surfaces? Thanks.

    • Like any FG stud pattern, it will perform optimally on firm ground playing surfaces. When the ground gets really soft, you’re much more likely to slip if you’re wearing an FG stud pattern, as opposed to an SG stud pattern. It certainly won’t hurt the shoe, but unfortunately no stud pattern is “the best” for all types of playing surface. It will work, but it won’t always perform optimally.

  30. I am a striker by the way, and do a lot of running about and making harsh turns, so I really wouldn’t like to slip in a game, Thanks.

  31. Hey Josh, are you aware of any website where I can by the ctr 360 reflective pack colorway?

  32. Hey josh, What is the best replacement boot in the market for the NIKE CTR MAESTRI III???? Pls help me

  33. How much will this boot stretch compared to the hypervenom phantom?

  34. Which is better and can u make a comparison review of Ctr360 Maestri vs Opus ! ?

    please reply .. this is urgent . i need to get a shoe for my next tournament 🙂

  35. 11pro 2 vs maestri iii? I am able to pick up either of these boots for a great price, but I’m having difficulty deciding. What’s your advice on these boots?

  36. Hey josh,been going crazy choosing between the hypervenom phatal or maestri 3. I fit the phatals in the store and had a pretty good snug fit at 8.5 with a pinky nail worth toes space (size 9 had too much toe space for me). Ctrs aren’t in stores anymore though so I have to order them online. Would you recommend to go size 9 on the maestri 3 or stick with 8.5 given my description on the hypervenoms? Thanks!

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