Adidas Brazuca 2014 Top Glider Soccer Ball Review

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  1. I recently did buy the 20$ buzuca hlider Same color im going into highschool and only new it to practice was this a bad choice of a ball or will it be good sense im only looking for a practice ball that preforms good and looks cool

    • Its not a terrible ball, but its not greatest ball either. For $20, everything is about the same in terms of quality, so for the price, there isn’t one ball specifically that is better than the rest.

  2. Hi Joshua:

    I am looking for a ball size 4 for my 7 year old.

    He has a cheap Nike ball, and I am looking for something better for him

    1- What would be your recommendation?

    2- What is the different on the feeling (harder/softer) between the Brazuca competition and the Replique?

    Thanks for your help

    • I would honestly go for something like a Select Numero 10. For the price, its one of the best balls around. The Brazuca Competition isn’t a bad ball either, where the Replique is alright, but to me, doesn’t feel like a premium soccer ball.

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