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Adidas F50 adiZero 2014 Synthetic Review

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The latest edition of the adidas F50 adizero 2014 is the first major redesign in the series since its original release in 2010. One of the most noticeable changes coming from past adizero models is Adidas’ emphasis on the synthetic upper variation, which has been dramatically improved this time around. The upper is no longer made from Adidas’ single-layer SprintSkin synthetic, but is now made from two brand new materials, HybridTouch and SpeedFoil. The tongue and front portion of the upper is made from HybridTouch, which is the same synthetic material found on both the Predator LZ 2 and Nitrocharge 1.0 from Adidas. Unlike those models, the HybridTouch synthetic on the adizero is significantly thinner, yet still soft and flexible. The back portion of the upper is made from SpeedFoil, a material designed not so much for touch, but more so to be lightweight, durable and supportive. Both materials are fused and stitched together on a diagonal on both the lateral and medial sides of the upper, bringing the two different materials together almost seamlessly.

Other comfort elements of the boot include two sets of removable insoles, one lightweight and one comfort. The lightweight insole is extremely minimal, made from a thin layer of foam with perforations throughout, nearly identical to previous lightweight adizero insoles. The comfort insole is slightly improved, with higher quality foam being used, as well as a synthetic suede liner on top. Both insoles offer a comfortable feel, and its nice that you get some options right off the bat. The heel is lined in a smooth synthetic material, with slightly more padding than past adizeros. I also found that the new forefoot stud pattern better distributes pressure across the bottom of the foot, making for an overall more comfortable feel.

From right out of the box, the adizero is more or less ready to go. The HybridTouch synthetic is surprisingly soft and flexible, much more so than the SprintSkin synthetic featured on past models. It rivals the very popular Teijin synthetic found on the Nike Mercurial Vapor 9, which says a lot about the jump in quality that Adidas has made here with the synthetic adizero. The flexibility of the upper in combination with the flexibility of the SprintFrame outsole gives the adizero a very natural feel when running, which is slightly unusual as most ultra-lightweight cleats tend to be a little more rigid. Since the HybridTouch synthetic is so thin and soft, I found that it did stretch ever so slightly, so don’t worry if they feel a little tight from brand new, because they will stretch a little. Overall, I had no issues with discomfort or blistering, and honestly found the adizero to be surprisingly comfortable for being such a lightweight and minimal soccer cleat.

The fit and shape of the new adizero isn’t too far off from the previous model, but due to the softness of the HybridTouch upper, the fit is dramatically improved. For the first time ever, I can lace up a pair of synthetic adizeros and achieve a skin tight fit, with no extra space in any part of the upper. Like most lightweight boots, it has a tighter than average fit, making it less than ideal for wider footed players. The boot hugs the entire foot all the way through, making it best suited for anybody with average to narrow shaped feet.

When it comes to sizing, the adizero runs true to size, but like I just mentioned, has a tighter fit overall. I wore my usual size 9US for review and the fit was pretty much perfect, leaving me with no extra space in any part of the boot. If you want the best possible fit, with no extra space, I would recommend going true to size, where as if you prefer to have a little wiggle room, you can safely go half a size up.


The latest version of the F50 weighs in at an incredibly lightweight 5.3oz, which is about half an ounce less than the previous synthetic adizero. Both in hand and on feet, the adizero feels incredibly light, almost weightless, which is what made the adizero so popular in the first place. The main reason for the shoe being so lightweight is the one-piece, SprintFrame outsole. The outsole is made from a fairly thin and flexible plastic, which also includes an external heel counter. The heel counter seems to have been reverted back to the original rounded shape, which doesn’t make for any noticeable difference in feel. It’s also worth mentioning that the SprintFrame still features the miCoach cavity, so if you have been using the miCoach chip, know that the latest adizero is still miCoach complatible.

The adizero has more or less hovered around the same weight ever since its original release, and even though the latest model is half an ounce lighter than the previous model, its almost impossible to notice any kind of difference. With that being said, if you’re looking for the lightest possible boot, than the synthetic adizero is not only one of your best options, but also the lightest.


Finally, some variation! It took five models, but we finally have a stud pattern that isn’t made up of just triangles, sort of. Under the heel, you’ll find the same four triangular studs, but under the forefoot, everything has changed. Instead of perfect triangles, the studs are still triangular in shape, but more bladed with longer edges. There are three bladed studs running along both the lateral and medial sides of the forefoot, one support stud in the middle and one small bump right at the tip of the toe.

The new bladed studs are all positioned at different angles, designed to provide grip when accelerating, pushing off, cutting, as well as slowing down. The longer, more narrow profile of the bladed studs allows for much better ground penetration than the old layout, and is a huge improvement when it comes to pure grip in almost every situation. I also found that the new stud pattern is much better suited for a wider variety of natural grass playing surfaces, mainly because the studs are slightly lower to the ground, providing a more stable feel. Considering the new layout is made up of all blades, it still offers decent maneuverability once the foot is planted, allowing you to maintain the ability to pivot. I also like the small bump positioned at the tip of the toe. While it doesn’t make any significant difference in the feel of the stud pattern, it’s a small feature that doesn’t get in the way of anything and just might prevent a slip here and there.

Overall, the new stud pattern is great, and is in my opinion a major improvement over the original, which I personally wasn’t a huge fan of. You get some great multidirectional traction, on a flexible yet supportive SprintFrame base.


The HybridTouch synthetic is definitely the highlight of the adizero this time around. Its thin, soft and flexible, which is really all you can ask for. It perfectly suits the ultra-lightweight feel of the boot. The upper itself features a smooth, artificial leather-grain finish, which feels great when making touches on the ball. Covering the top of the toes and medial side of the forefoot is a thin, rubberized texture, which Adidas calls DribbleTex. The function of DribbleTex is to provide additional grip on the ball, which it does effectively, without adding any bulk to the thin upper. The amount of grip isn’t anything significant, but is just enough to where its noticeable.

Simplicity is key here, as the touch of the boot is mainly down to the quality of the synthetic upper. If you’re looking for the ultimate barefoot playing experience, there isn’t another shoe that’s this light and this comfortable currently on the market. As mentioned earlier, Adidas has really put an emphasis on the synthetic adizero this time around, and it shows. While the leather upper variation has been more popular in the past, trust me when I say that if you’re looking for the ultimate adizero experience, synthetic is the way to go.


Striking the ball in the adizero is great. The ultra-thin upper offers almost no extra padding, allowing you to feel every bit of the ball when striking through it. The thin upper provides this sensation of precision when striking the ball, in that there is no loss of feel whatsoever, again playing into the barefoot playing experience that this shoe is all about. The DribbleTex texturing offers slight amounts of extra grip depending on how you strike the ball, but for the most part doesn’t have much of an impact on the overall feel.

Considering how light the adizero is, the SprintFrame base provides a plenty of rigidity through the mid-foot. You would think that something this light would feel flimsy when hitting the ball with any kind of force, but that’s not the case at all. Overall, if you’re into the whole barefoot feel, you’ll love striking the ball in the adizero.


As with most ultra-lightweight soccer cleats, protection is sacrificed at the expense of weight. The thin upper provides almost no protection at all, and should you get stepped on, you’ll feel every bit of the blow. The only protective element of the adizero is the external plastic heel counter, which provides some minor impact protection should you take a kick to the back of the heel. You can’t really complain about the lack of protection on an ultra-lightweight soccer cleat, and if protection is a major concern for you, then you most likely won’t be considering the adizero as your next boot anyways.


The synthetic adizero has always been a relatively durable boot considering that it has always been in the ultra-light 5oz weight range. Since the latest adizero is more or less an all-new design with all-new materials, it’s hard to judge how long you can expect them to last. The HybridTouch synthetic is much softer than the SprintSkin used on previous models, which may have an impact on the durability, but for the most part, everything feels pretty solid. Throughout testing I had no issues at all with durability, and nothing jumps out at me as a potential concern.

Keep in mind that the Firm Ground version of the F50 adizero, or any FG model for that matter, is designed for use on natural grass playing surfaces and nothing else. Use of any FG cleat on turf/artificial grass will have a major impact on the durability and longevity the boot.

The Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the latest edition of the adizero. Adidas has made some huge improvements to build upon an already successful and proven base in the SprintFrame outsole. The part HybridTouch, part SpeedFoil upper is amazing in every way and the new stud pattern offers great overall traction. Not to mention that the boot is incredibly lightweight, while still maintaining a surprisingly comfortable fit. Everything about the new adizero feels fine tuned and I’m glad to finally see some innovation from Adidas on the F50 series. Simply put, this is the best synthetic F50 Adidas has ever put out, and is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for one of the best ultra-lightweight boots around.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight10 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection6 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE61 out of 70 or 87%


  1. great review , huge fan , i had a old pair of F50 adizeroes but in leather and but with the latest model synthetic seems to be more popular , what would you recommend. Also any tips for starting a boot review youtube channel

  2. Just got some of these, and by far some of the best boots I have ever had. They are light and the DribbleTex actually works. Thank you SR4U for the in depth review, and best of luck for your channel in the new year.

  3. What size should I get if I’m size 8.5 in the lunargato 2?

  4. Are the too tight in the forefoot?

  5. I want to order these shoes, but I don’t know what size to get them in. I’m a 9 and a half but I wear the Mercurial Veloce in a size 10. I also wear Copa Mundials, but in a size 9. Should I go up half a shoe size or a whole shoe size?

  6. Which would you pick between the new adizeros samba vs the puma evopower ? Please answer back im kinda new to futbol boots.

  7. hi josh,

    how do you explain the difference in score (very minimal) between the vapor 9 and the adizero 2014, when in your comparison you picked the adidas as your personal preference?

    • Scores don’t tell the whole story. All that a score can tell you is if a shoe is good or bad. The written part of the review is what’s important. If you read both reviews, you will easily be able to learn about the distinct differences between these two shoes, and make a decision based on your own personal preferences.

  8. i wear an adizero micoach 1 in 12.5us and an adizero micoach 2 in 12.5us, i always wear 2 socks, will this adizero fit properly in the same size, a 12.5us ?

  9. Hi Josh, with this new DribbleTrex on the F50 how does it compare to the NikeSkin of the hypervenom? and of the two uppers which would you perfer? Also great reviews keep it up!

    • It doesn’t compare at all. NikeSkin is way different from anything else out there, where as the HybridTouch synthetic of the adizero is more of a standard barefoot feel. Both are great, but certainly not what I would call similar.

  10. If i wore an Europe size 40 in the puma powercat 1.12 and it feels tight (Not too tight) from right out of the box but then it stretch and fit my foot perfectly. So should I Stick true to size or go half size up for the perfect fit in this adizeros?

    • I’m not familiar at all with european sizing. All of the sizing comparisons that I do are in US sizing.

  11. Hey josh, sorry to ask again, It’s just because I’m still confused with the size that I should get. If I wear a size US 7 on the diadora dd-na glx 14, what size should I get on the new Adizeros

  12. Hi Josh. Where in the US can I buy the Solar Slime colour edition?

    • The link on this page is the only place to get them in the US. The colorway is exclusive to that online retailer.

  13. Hey josh,
    Usually during my soccer season, i play on multiple grass surfaces (fg, ag, and rarely sg). So would you recommend the hypervenom phantom or the adidas f50 adizero in terms of traction and durability in he firm ground stud pattern??

  14. im trying to decide between the mercurial vapor and f50 which one would you recommend

  15. What are the main differences between the puma Evo speeds and the F50’s, which one would you recommend

  16. Hey Josh… I use 8,5 US in my Adidas Predator boots and this is just a tad to big, which size would you recommend in the Adidas F50 AdiZero?

    • Both shoes run true to size. So, if you feel that you can go half a size down with the extra space that you currently have, than I would go for an 8.

  17. Josh which is best for midfielder/striker F50 samba or Hypervenoms

    • Your position has nothing to do with what boots you should wear. Pick the ones that you like based on your preferences when it comes to feel.

  18. Having trouble choosing between LZ 2’s and synthetic adizeros. I know they feel different but I like the feel of both, price is not an option which would you prefer Josh?

  19. Im using a pair of hypervenom phatal size 9 but my right foot (stronger one) is little big, what you recommend me buy the f50 9 or 8 1/2?

    Thanks and I don’t speak English sorry for my errors.

  20. hey josh
    i dont know which cleats to buy evopower or f50?
    my Position central offensive midfielder
    i like Dribbling and passing
    can you help me?

    • Your position and playing style has nothing to do with what boots you should wear. I personally prefer the evoPOWER, but you need to base your decision on how each boot fits and feels.

  21. Hi Josh, Are the new Adidas F50 Adizero true size. Im a 9.5 U.S. what size should i get. Thanks and saludos amigo

  22. Hi Josh I have another question i wear a Predator Lethal Zones 2 Absolado in 8.5 U.S. and i have kind of wiggle space, my feet is not that wide is average should i go 9.5 U.S. on the adizero i have 15 years and my feet still grow a little Thanks

  23. hey josh my fit in the phatal but feel a little tight on my feet will these f50 fit me

  24. Hey Josh! Compared to the lz 2, which boot is better in traction and stability?

    • I prefer the traction pattern of the F50, but its tough to compare these two boots. They’re so different from each other when it comes to feel, and it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of touch.

  25. Hey Josh i have been reading your reviews for quite a while and you helped me a lot

    I just got my hands on the new adizero’s and as they are brand new i find them a bit tight. i bought my usual 9 us which have been perfect with previous adizero’s and also hypervenoms.
    So my question is will they stretch enough to fit me, half a size would perfect i guess

    • As long as they aren’t uncomfortably tight, I would stick with your current size. They’ll give a little once you start wearing them. Otherwise, if you feel the need to go half a size larger, than go for it.

  26. Hi josh big fan ! I have the nike hypervenom phantom and i like them , should i get a f50 adizero or another hypervenom , i never tried an adizero before , is their any major difference. Thanks.

    • They’re both great boots, and are both going to provide more if a barefoot feel. The F50 will feel slightly thinner and less padded overall in comparison to the Phantom, but if you’re looking for a change, the F50 adizero is a great boot.

  27. Hi Josh, Which would you go for?, the standard version of the F50 adizero pr the Messi edition?


  28. Hey, Josh I had a pair of adizero f10 size 13 and they had a tight fit I was thinking about getting the new f50 but unsure of what size I should get.

  29. Hey Josh I was wondering, if you’ve found any durability issues with these F50s yet or any problems ? Thanks

  30. hi Josh,

    How much do these boots stretch? I’ve ordered them and they are tight with no wiggle room whatsoever (my toes are right at the end) and tighter then e.g the Hypervenom, should I stick with them and wait for them to stretch or should i go up 1/2 a size?


  31. Hey josh, I’ve been looking into these shoes for a VERY LONG TIME. But I tried the 2014 f50s on at the store yesterday and I was very disappointed in the feel of the f50s. I’m wondering if the break in will make the cleats significantly more comfortable. I do have average width feet also. PLEASE HELP ME!

  32. Hey, a couple of questions:

    I’ve seen in our videos that you are a size9US in your SOCCER shoes and a size 9.5-10 for other shoes in your other channel? So, which is your real size when measured? Do you recommend going down half a size for soccer?

    Im a US9.5 when measured and the Vapors I found that they felt great in that size but, I just bought some f50’s samba in the same size and they feel way loose when I start to play in them. Bigger and with small slippage inside. I also end up having to tighting them to the max. I feel like I wasted a lot of money but you said they were true to size?

    Should I have gone down a halfsize for them or am I just crazy? Am I a 9 in them and 9.5 in the vapors? Is that possible? Whats my problem? Can going for trusox also can help my problem?

    • Both shoes run true to size, but I think that the issue that you’re having is down to the actual shape of both shoes. The Vapor is much a much tighter fitting, narrow cut shoe, so even if they’re a little big length-wise, they’ll still fit nicely in the width. The F50 adizero has a much different shape, so its likely that the wider fit is what makes the shoe feel too big. I wear a size 9US in both Vapor and F50s, and leaves me with no space at the toe at all, a perfect fit.

      Trusox will definitely make a big difference, but it sounds to me like you’re wearing your shoes too big.

  33. Josh, I’m worried that the F50’s hybridtouch upper will be too thin, is this the case?

  34. hey josh, soccer season starts at the end of the summer and i wanted to start playing soccer i want to buy some AdiZero’s but i don’t know what size to i wear 10.5 but those are Vans so i dunno what do you think my size would be for AdiZero’s

  35. Josh, I am stuck between the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10, Hypervenom Phantom, or these AdiZeros. How do they compare overall? And do you think the next generations of theese boots are coming out soon? If so,I’d rather wait a little…

  36. Like Santiago, I would also like to know how the F50 2014 compares to the Vapour 10

  37. Hi Josh! I’m having a bit of a dilemma because i don’t know if i should buy the pink f50s or the vapor xs. Which one do you recommend buying? Thanks

  38. Just ordered these in the beautiful solar blue colourway. I could only find one shop online that had this colourway left in my size! Lucky me.

  39. Hey josh what boot would you recommend if your style of play was speed

  40. I’m currently wearing F50s sambas in size 11 and they fit perfect and I really want the puma EVOspeeds BMW M editions but I could only find them in size 10.5, what should I do ?

  41. Hey Josh,

    Great site by the way. I recently bought a pair of predator lz II in a size 10 US because they felt the best in store, however they ended up being slightly too small making my big toenails black and blue. I want to try the new f50 Adizero and am going to get a 10.5, but I’m worried they will stretch too much or be slightly large. Do both boots fit the same in terms of sizing, or does one have more room than the other? Any info is much appreciated


  42. Hey Josh I wear a pair of F30 in a size 8 and there’s a little bit of space in toe box so I just want to know what size should I get the f50 in ?

  43. hey josh, if a size 10.5 us hypervenom hyper punch color way fit good, do you think that i should get these adidas the same size?

  44. Hi Josh, i am currently deciding between the nike mercurial vapor x and the adidas f50 adizeros in the pink and blue colorway. if i order the adizero’s, does it come with the micoach chip? also, which do you personally prefer and what do you think would be best out of the two for an average width foot mid field player? Thanks.

  45. hello josh big fan here,

    i play on the wings and attacking mid field i was wondering whether i should get the adidas f50 adizeros or nike magistas/hypervenom

  46. Hey Josh I’ve watched the crazylight predator vid and the f50 vid at least 3 times each and i was wondering which one was better when is comes to durability?I am debating between these 2 boots. I like the grip of the preds while the light weight of the f50 caught my attention as well. In short in looking for a durable boot which is light weight as well and my research has lead me to the crazylight predator and the adizero f50. Please help!!

    • The Predator Instinct is definitely the more durable of the two. Maybe take a look at the CrazyLight version of the Predator Instinct, it combines the upper of the Pred, with the lightweight SprintFrame outsole and stud pattern of the F50. Check it out in this video

  47. Hey Josh,I’ve been thinking of getting a new pair of soccer cleats,my two choices are the f50 adizero and the mercurial vapor 10,which one do you recommend? (I have medium wide feet)

  48. Which is better suited for harder grounds? The mvx or the f50?

  49. Hey Josh i currently fit into a size 9.5 US predator LZ, and its pretty snug, i was wondering what size adizeros(2014) would be right for me…any suggestions?

  50. Hi Josh
    I heard that the space for the mi coach chip in these boots was left empty and if you did not put in the chip it would feel like there was a hole. Is this true?

  51. Hi Josh
    Which do you you think is better Messi 10.1 or this version of f50. Thanks.

  52. Hey. Which boot do you find most comfortable of the F50 2014 and the F50 2015?

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