Nike Hypervenom Phelon Indoor Just Arrived

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Nike Hypervenom Phelon Indoor Just Arrived review in progress…


  1. Hi i’ve seen your video about this shoes.

    I’ve wear this shoes and i’m waiting to buy… i was stunned of feel and confortable, but is really, in your opinion, a bit tricky to control the shot?

    • They may take some getting used to, but shooting the ball is a skill, and not something that is going to be made better or worse by a pair of shoes. Once you get more used to them, I’m sure that they’ll feel much better.

  2. i used a pair of those, the first use was a little akward and after 3 games with them i feel really good on them for the price i really recommend them over the victory 4 because they are less restrictive and give a good feel of the ball i love them

  3. Hi josh! just wondering which one is better? Lunar Gato 2 or Hypervenom phelon indoor?

    • By far the Lunargato 2. It is better quality in every way.

      • Ok! Last 2 questions. Whats the differenece between gato and lunar gato 2? When you play both of these shoes, does it feel the same or different?

        • Check out the unboxing videos that I have on both the Lunargato 2 and Gato 2 and you’ll get all of the details on the main differences between both models.

          • Hi Josh,
            I know you probably haven’t used the turf version of this shoe, but do you think that they would fair decently indoors? I’d like something I could use on both more or less and the soleplate on the turf version looks nearly identical only that the “studs” are bigger. What do you think?

          • I wouldn’t personally. The type of rubber they use on the turf version is very hard, and wouldn’t fair well on indoor courts, especially if the floor is a little bit dusty.

  4. Hey Josh,
    Just wondering, how are these shoes on concrete compared to the lunar gato 2?

    • Neither of the two shoes that mentioned are very good for use on concrete. You’ll find that the traction pattern on the Phelon will wear away pretty quickly on concrete.

  5. Hey josh, I was wondering if the cushioning on the phelon is so minimal to the point where it hurts.

    • I wouldn’t say that it hurts, but there definitely isn’t much under your feet. Its more a matter of personal preference.

  6. I was wondering what the timeline was for finishing the reveiw on these shoes. I have bought a few pairs of indoor shoes in the past and your raitings are always pretty spot on from my experience and was hoping to get this review to consider with the other shoes I am looking at.

    • Honestly it isn’t at the top of my list. If you’re considering an indoor of this type, unless you must have the look of the Hypervenom, a much better shoe in a similar price range would the Nike Elastico Pro 2.

  7. Thanks for answering so fast. I was also wondering who is your favorite club in the that is not a national team?

  8. I mean, who is our favorite club, that is not a national team?

  9. I mean your, sorry!

  10. hi, i would like to get a pair of these but it’s gonna be the turf version. i wonder how the sizing goes on these. Thanks

  11. Hi, i wanted to ask whether the adidas 11pro is something better than this or no.

  12. I bought this shoe (green version) due to the cool rubber dots on the sole and very light weight. I had no pain in my feet or joints on court playing for at least 1 hour so they seem to cushion you well even though they seem to have a thin sole. Great for agility, very grippy control and incredible accuracy in passing and shooting. But I just could not after many many tries get any power into shots from distance ie. shooting from near halfway on a futsal court, except when on the volley when it would rocket toward the net. Why would this be? I had to get very close to goal to score most of the time.

    • They’re new, so there’s going to be a period off time where you need to get used to them. Shoes are not going to take away from the power of your shot.

  13. Hey Josh, I just had a quick question. I’m trying to buy some turf shoes that go for under $100 and i’m not entirely sure which is best bang for my buck. Right now I’m thinking about phelon and victory V. Any suggestions?

  14. Hey josh how are these shoes for striking the ball and ball control

  15. hi Josh i have a doubt. i bought the reflective turf version in 9.5 because 9 is a little bit tighter. what do you think? i need to change the size? the 9 size can break in? regards from mexico!

  16. Will it wear out fast ??
    And can u tell any good pair of soccer shoes between 40-55 dollars