Nike GATO II Just Arrived


Nike GATO II Just Arrived review in progress…

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

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  1. I was considering purchasing some of these in the future. would I need to use leather cream on this shoe?

  2. Can you please post the written review of this shoe

  3. Would it be okay to use these on concrete frequently

    • They should be alright. There aren’t really any “street” soccer shoes out there right, so these wouldn’t be a bad option.

  4. hi josh, just wondering, which one of these shoes is good for futsal? Nike Lunar Gato 2 or Nike Gato 2? or any better futsal shoes?

  5. My feet won’t be growing that much anymore (I’m 16), the length isn’t a problem but I just got these today and they feel a bit narrow out of the box, the squeeze a but on the sides. Will they stretch enough to relieve that ‘squeezing,’ or should I get a half size up? Thanks and I love your reviews!

  6. Are these durable?
    i’ve seen light shoes aren’t that durable usually

  7. Can I use these shoes on turf?

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