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Nike ELASTICO PRO II IC Just Arrived review in progress.


  1. what is your rating of this shoe(elastico pro 2)???

  2. may i know,in your opinion Josh bro,which shoe is the best for freestyling football and playing football at streets …?

    • The best shoe for anybody is one that your comfortable with, in both fit and feel. If you’re looking for something with more of a barefoot feel, the Elastico Pro 2 and Elastico Finale 2 are some of the best indoors around.

  3. would it be ok to use these on street? If not, what would be a good model for use on street and indoor?

  4. Josh I might be getting these but I play on concrete surfaces quite oftenly, would these wear out quickly if I play them on concrete surfaces?

  5. These or the new Elastico Pros?

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