Pantofola d’Oro Dream Just Arrived


Pantofola d’Oro Dream Just Arrived review in progress. I will have a full review up as soon as testing is complete.

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

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  1. Do these stretch enough to have to go a have size down or is pretty safe to go true to size

  2. Is the insole removable on this model and do these always come in kangaroo leather for this pantofola model?

    • Yes, the insole is removable, and I’m honestly not sure about every color being made from Kangaroo leather. Normally with PDO, the leather type varies with certain colorways.

  3. I am a wide footed player trying to decide between these and the MV10. I play in wet conditions so the vapor seems better but since i`m wide footed the Dreams seem better since they’re leather. What do you recommend in terms of performance? Also, what do the dreams weigh in at? Thanks.

  4. this or lazzarini?

  5. Do you prefer these, the Copas or the King Top K di?

  6. Hi Josh how would you compare these with the Lazzarini Vitello and Nike Premier? Which has the thinnest leather and best ‘feel’ for the ball? Thanks!

  7. the mizuno morelia in a size 8 are too small and i like a really tight fit, but i can squeeze into into an 8.5 maestri III, what size would you recommend me order in these. thnks

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