Nike Hypervenom Phantom Play Test + Freekicks

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A play test of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom with freekicks, juggling, discount coupon codes and more click the link above. If you would like to read the full written review click this link Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review.


  1. Do you know any website which still have the hypervenom phantom fg black/bright citrus

  2. Hey Josh,
    What shin guards would you recommend that have build ankle protectors on them, and they don’t look bulky, especially on the ankle protectors. Can you do a comparison video on the Adidas f50 Adizero 2014 against the Nike Hypervenom? And also the. Nike Protegga shin guard.

  3. Good video man, im just starting to get serious into soccer. and your videos have been helping me alot! i can’t decide on boots though. I’m torn between Hypervenoms and Teimpos. Im usually a size 13 but when i got my indoor victory 5s i had to go with 12.5 due to the length but they are really uncomfortable. sorry about the long comment but i could use your help man, thank you!

    • They’re two very different shoes when it comes to feel, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Check out the written reviews for both shoes on my website. The extra details should help you make a decision.

  4. can i customize my adidas predito instinct football shoes?

  5. Hey Josh, just wanna say your videos are excellent man! So I really want these original Hypervenoms because they look like they have the full “sticky” grip on the full shoe instead of on select areas like the newer ones. I’ve been to a few stores and have seen the newer models and they don’t seem to be fully covered with the waxy grip of the originals in this video. Would I be missing out if I purchased one of the new models? Mind you the multi-hundred dollar boots will be out of my budget.

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