Adidas Reviews, F50 adiZero Reviews, Retro Soccer Shoes — February 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Adidas F50i Tunit Video Review

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The Adidas F50i Tunit was released in 2009 and featured an full synthetic or leather upper with interchangeable studs to suit most playing surfaces. To see more detailed pictures and video of the Adidas F50i Tunit click the link above.


  1. hey man, awesome video… do you know if i can still get a pair of those ? thanks.

  2. Hey josh great video. Just wondering if the upper is at all durable because I found a pair for a great deal and I’m going to use them on very hard ground. Last time I brought a pair of micoach 2 s and they ripped so I want to know if back them it was more durable . Thanks for the great vids

  3. Hey Josh, awesome video! I have 2 questions
    a. I play a lot on ag surfaces and I was wondering if I could use the hg studs for the ag fields?

    b. As I was on ebay looking for these, I came across a model called the F50.8 tunits and I was wondering what the difference between the two was.


    • They’re not made for AG, and should you use these boots on AG, you will lose a lot of studs really quickly. Go check out my recent video on the F50.7, it is very similar to the F50.8 and will clarify what the major differences are in comparison to the itunit.

  4. josh very good video … I want to know where they are available the F50i Tunit I love and I want 3 pairs but can not find anywhere: (I hope your answer 🙂

  5. Hi Josh! Im planning to buy a pair but I almost always train on AG, can I use these boots on it?
    I have the Vapor X now in FG and they work great on AG but since you can replace the studs on these Im wondering if it makes any different?

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